Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kate Upton And The Kansas City Overnight

There's a lot of things to think over during these early morning hours.

Mostly, I'll be wondering about Kate Upton's curvy modeling career.

However, I think we all know there's A LOT going on right here in Kansas City that impacts us all. We've got a bunch of stuff on deck for the morning update regarding more urgent local issues.

However . . .

Just for a brief moment of respite, let's consider Kansas City's transit history.

Take a look:

Kansas City Trolleys of the 1940's and 50's


But this clip offers a pleasant view of a much more connected time for cowtown transit.

For both better and worse, a great deal has changed since this era in Kansas City. I wouldn't exactly call it the "good old days" considering the advances in video gaming technology and other achievements. Still, this old school clip is certainly worth consideration.

Youtube detail: 

"These are home movies taken by Robert C. Moseley, Kansas City Trolley Driver and model train enthusiast. All of this footage was taken in the 1940's and 1950's with a 8mm home movie camera. This is only a sample of the hours of footage he took. Between 1960 and 1990 he built an expansive model train layout in his basement featuring 172 feet of trolley track which operates off an actual trolley wire, as well as 270 feet of two rail "O" scale main line track. He sold the layout in 1990 and today it resides at the Irene B. French Community Center in Merriam Kansas. Mr. Moseley passed away in 1997."

Hopefully, we'll have more BREAKING/EXCLUSIVE NEWS, local content, debate, discourse, probably some hateration and lots of good stuff coming up in just a few . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Superdave said...

The Moseley display is well worth the time to go see.

My Dad off and on still today talks about the Strangline train and trolleys that was operating when he was a kid. Grandma might have had new caddy's to drive but when going downtown from the Mission area Dad said almost all the time took at least the trolley down there. Way he talks many people back then used them. I as a kid remember the buses running from all the way downtown out to Olathe several times a day. It went by KU through Fairway, Mission Overland Park and out what they called Kansas City road through Lenexa to Olathe. My babysitter at the time rode it to go see her Mom in the Westport area during the day and took me with her.

Anonymous said...

Not a bad video. Thanks for the info about the display.

Anonymous said...

Any links showing this layout? Sounds interesting. Official website has no pictures.

Anonymous said...

Kate Upton (KU) gets all sudsy for her Superbowl commercial.
Everyone's a KU fan!

MDLQ said...

Then there was the Metropolitan Railway started by the Corrigan Bros. in the 1880's, where a lot of this got going.