Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Let's face it . . . Free junk is the only reason to visit The K and see Kansas City's mostly losing baseball team. From January 2 - January 11, the Top 10 Royals giveaway items for the 2013 season will be revealed!

Admittedly, the Green T-shirt looks pretty cool but only because Kansas City Irish broads are easily impressed by TKC knowledge of San Patricio folklore.


spyke1 said...

San Patricio folklore? Fairly interesting stuff Tony. I read it here first, but still, I'd like to hear Maria Antonio say, San Patricio.

spyke1 said...

Oops. Thats Maria Antonia.
Sorry Maria.

Anonymous said...

The only reason to come to Kansas City is free junk! Let's get real. The only folks who come to town are religious cults and celebrities who are hosting concerts. After that, its back to the tumble weed and wild west stories.