Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kansas City Kangaroos On Blast In "GENERATION LGBTQIA" New York Times

The term "LGBTQIA" translates into something more than a grandfather's disappointment today in the New York Times.

After gawking @ Bar Refaeli bikini goodness, check the new trend hotness . . .


Now the article deals mostly with effete East Coast rich kids from private colleges but thankfully our City College Kangaroos earn a mention:

"The University of Missouri, Kansas City, for example, has an L.G.B.T.Q.I.A. Resource Center that, among other things, helps student locate “gender-neutral” restrooms on campus."

Given that toilets @ UMKC have always been frightening . . . It is actually pretty important work.

Anyhoo . . . Thanks to those who have suggested this article that seems to reveal that the world (and Kansas City) is changing as interesting new alliances are developing in lieu of (or maybe on the road to) acceptance.


Anonymous said...

Are the gender neutral restrooms for one person at a time? Or do they have multiple stalls?

Anonymous said...

just gloyholes.

What A Bunch Of Freaks said...


Anonymous said...

Great last line Tony. Every once in a while you need to show that you're not so bad.

Defective People - That Is What They Are said...

The gene pool has become so polluted that humans are about to head toward extinction.

Anonymous said...

The bathrooms are nice at UMKC. What are you talking about, TKC?

Anonymous said...

You know were approaching the "end days" when everybody has to pigeonhole themselves into an exclusive file of victimization.

I had heard the term LGBT, but now it's LGBTQIA !!! WTF! How many more letters do you want to add?
Here's a suggestion, just use this: