Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kansas City Fights The Financial Future

MO Record on a recent City Hall meeting and the ongoing cowtown political resistance to changing economic times: Kansas City’s Financial Plan: There Is No Plan

Previously @ TKC . . . We live-blogged the event described in this post and took some pix.

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Criminalcrats "For The People" Have Stolen Your Childrens Future said...

KC is headed down the same toilet pipe as Detroit.
Same unaccountable "leadership" by criminal politicians, administrators, and gangsters; same corruption and malfeasance at all levels of government and the unions; same B.S. pie-in-the-sky hyper-wastes of tax dollars on useless projects to enrich crony firms.

KC is just a few decades behind "Detoilet".

Kansas City: Turning The Heartland Into The Next American Wasteland