Wednesday, January 16, 2013


A round-up of reports on the deadly Kansas City ruckus last night:

"On 1/15 at about 7:30 PM officers were called to the 7600 block of Troost on a reported shooting. When officers arrived they found an adult man dead at the scene. Initial reports were that it involved a car jacking or some type of disturbance . . . During the investigation, the victim's vehicle was located in front of a house in the 1400 block of East 72, and an operation 100 was called on that house . . ."

"At about 11:00 PM 4-5 people came out of the house at the Operation 100 and were taken into custody without incident. Detectives will continue with the investigation and determine what involvement the occupants of the house had with the homicide."

Carjacking proves deadly for victim

Police are interviewing several people taken into custody at a Kansas City home Tuesday night after a standoff connected to a deadly carjacking.

Police make several arrests after standoff, homicide

UPDATE: Standoff Over After Man Found Shot, Dead


Anonymous said...

KCPD "Hot Spot Program is working wonders in 2013 just like 2012. LOL

Barry Setoro, Indonesian Overlord And Dictator Supreme For Life said...

Turn in your guns.

You are all safe now.

Look at me, surrounded by children - just like Hitler did in his photo-ops.

Like my pal Rahm said, never let a crisis go to waste! What a great photo op!

Turn in your guns - they cause all violence, not the criminals, who have already turned all of theirs in to me as of last night.

You are all safe. Repeat. Pat the children on their heads before Michelle slaughters and eats them.
You are all safe. Repeat. Pat the children on their heads before Michelle slaughters and eats them.
You are all safe. Repeat. Pat the children on their heads before Michelle slaughters and eats them.

Hey, what's with this fucking teleprompter!?

Anonymous said...

Must be those pesky white people on Troost, trying to emulate the fine African-American citizens there.

Black Barbie said...

Theys all Byrons love childs just ask him he tell you all those boys is good kids and that the white man made them kill that man because of all that repression we have caused the black people

Superdave said...

Spew your hatred about the guns all you want it isn't the problem or the issue.

What New York did today will not solve a damn thing. Just smoke and mirrors by an idiot Mayor.

Politicians don't want to step up and admit what the issues are because they don't want to be labeled as a racist or piss off the families who have members with mental health conditions or parents of all children. Politicians won’t step up and build more prisons and pass the type laws that put criminals away and keep them away from the rest of society.

Till every effort is made to keep people who suffer from mental health issues away from guns and putting the street thugs in prison and keeping them there working chain gangs instead of country club jails this robbing and killing will keep on happening.

I grew up around more guns than I am around today. My friends weren’t shooting themselves or each other either. Fact of the matter is we as kids knew an ass beating was coming if we even thought about touching any gun without permission and an adult standing there. What is called an assault rifle today I learned to shoot when I was just a child at 10 years of age. Yes I learned how to shoot the AR-15 and it was a full automatic version as well. I learned how to shoot pistols, shotguns and police type swat rifles. Yes I was taught all about gun safety and how to shoot by Jim Ainsworth who was the Chief of Police in Lenexa back in the sixties till 1971. I respect guns very much today and know their usefulness.

Kids dying in homes today by guns is nothing but parents not being proper parents. In fact another issue in this country is parents not being parents. But that’s another issue the politicians won’t touch either because so easy to blame something else and let the next person in office deal with it when all new laws have no effect on people dying from guns.

Till all people admit what’s really wrong with this country and deal with it, nothing is going to change and in fact things will get worse.

Anonymous said...

That's what happens when the monkeys are in charge of the zoo.

Anonymous said...

Build more prisons??
The US has the highest prison population in the world!!!
More prisons is not the answer.
Stop the abuse of psychotropic drugs pushed by big pharma who buys most of these politicians and MSM.

Anonymous said...

America voted, and you right wing nuts lost. Step back and let the grown ups run things.

Anonymous said...

Into the ground?!?

Anonymous said...

No, that was George W. Bush. We're still fixing everything he fucked up.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I would start trying to say that big pharmaceutical companies are responsible for gun violence.

Anonymous said...

stop blaming Bush and let Obama finally take responsibility for his mess. It's been 4 years.

Anonymous said...

I'm pointing out facts, like the fact that Bush and his fellow Republicans fucked things up so bad, that we still haven't recovered. The mess Obama is taking responsibility for was not of his making. You may not like the facts, but those are the facts.

Anonymous said...

4:50 is an idiot. Yael?

Anonymous said...

With the mass shootings last year, the Left is going crazy demanding gun control and more money for mental health. I think these mass shootings are the result of bad psychiatrists giving bad treatment and bad psychiatric drugs. So more money is going to be poured into mental health so psychiatrists can do more damage. What we will get is Soviet Union style mental health where people the government doesn't like are put in mental hospital and psychiatrists have life and death power over people. One proposal is to make psychiatrists turn in any patient who talks of committing violence. That violates doctor patient confidentiality but a government who does not care about the Constitution, does not care about medial ethics. If these clowns had not had access to guns, they would have make bombs or used some tool as a weapon.

Anonymous said...

Don't talk bad about the King or you'll have Secret Police visiting your house....