Thursday, January 31, 2013


KCUR reports Council Dude Scott Wagner solving another imaginary problem: "The Kansas City city council plans to get tough on businesses that sell products labeled as "bath salts" or "incense', but designed to have effects similar to marijuana or other street drugs."


Anonymous said...

The incense now is not what is was. All the good chemicals are banned. I find it funny the the Gov, DEA, States jumped at the JWH products in incense, but have done nothing about the bath salts

Anonymous said...

Now that Jr. can't buy his own smokes he's stealing mine again! Pisses me off to wake up to coffee with no smokes.

Robert Beltran said...

I wonder if wagner has ever stepped foot in super flea?

Anonymous said...

Before they were President:

Clinton smoked marijuana, snorted cocaine as Gov. of Arkansas.

W. Bush was an alcoholic, smoked marijuana, used cocaine as an adult.

Obama smoked marijuana, snorted cocaine, likely tried heroin and smoked crack as well.

So, some poor person trying to escape their doomed reality is stopped from getting high by a KC- Council-knows-best do-gooder!!

Anonymous said...

Bath salts are dangerous drugs that make you crazy as fuck. Comparing them to marijuana is ridiculous. Hell, even cocaine is safer than this shit. And might I point out that you can't walk into a smoke shop or gas station and buy marijuana or cocaine?

Anonymous said...

I start tripping every time I see a city commission meeting on TV. Now there is something that ought to be illegal.