Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jordan Carver And Kansas City Morning Links

Jordan Carver starts this look for Kansas City mainstream media links.

Check it:

- Mayor Sly's Plan To Give Kansas City Some Class: Improving The Arts In Kansas City

- JoCo problems: District attorney says Shawnee violated spirit of open meetings law

- Show-Me Rural Missouri Need For Obamacare Too: Pregnancies in rural Missouri often are higher risk than those in cities

- More detail on lawyer sting: KCMO lawyer pleads guilty to conspiracy to launder money of agent posing as marijuana dealer

- Grandview tragedy update: Family: Woman accused in baby's death was 'trusted friend'

- Important Kansas Gun Case: Kansas High Court Hears Arguments On Gun Shop Owners Liability

- Kansas City plowing concerns: Snow removers hope for more storms

- The only guy to make a fine arts degree work: Metro Opera Singer Competing for $25,000 Prize

- More about the Downtown Kansas City Kangaroo Conservatory

- Hype for the town's worst suburb: Blue Springs aims for downtown rebirth

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e. caruso said...

Its a SHE, not a guy, T, and I think shes in that JG Wentworth commercial... I HAVE A STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT AND I NEED CASH NOW!