Friday, January 04, 2013


The road to Kansas City hip-hop greatness starts in small clubs like Jerry's Bait Shop located on the outskirts of town in Lee's Summit and I think they re-opened their place in Lenexa as well.

Anyhoo . . . Take a look at the Kansas City Hip-Hop Grind that starts in small clubs.

Star Touch KC and Nu Roc Showcase at Jerry's Bait Shop in Lees Summit MO

On the bright side, I hear the mozzarella sticks are worth a try at this local bar/restaurant chain if hip-hop isn't your bag.

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Anonymous said...

Bitches in da' burbs!!
1) Jerry's BaitShop in Lee's Summit
2) The audience consists strictly of other acts waiting to go on.
3) Performers must have a name based on slang or ebonics.
4) Lyrics consist primarily of nonsense words used repetitively.
5) Costumes are jeans, T-shirts or sweats, with ballcaps.
6) HipHop is largely about young males with middle-class lifestyles masturbating on stage masquerading as struggling urban revolutionaries. Much like adolescent girls dreaming of being a princess.