Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jackson County Animal Shelter One Step Closer To FINALLY Opening Doors

Examiner provides deets on the move to FINALLY make use of an empty local resource: Council OKs changes to animal shelter amended agreement


Anonymous said...

Curt Daugherty wants to be absolutely certain that the animals kept at the facility are absolutely nude, just like he and his wife.

Now think about that latter bit of nasty information and try to keep your Wheaties down.

Anonymous said...

Will Jackson County approve the changes that Independence wants?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful program. The city seizes the property and it ends up a multi million dollar dog pound. Then instead of increasing the tax revenues it will loose money while the operators get bennies and funding from the city and county. What do they put in the water that has the citizens sleeping through this crap? Your tax dollars at work!