Thursday, January 03, 2013

Génesis Rodríguez & The Kansas City Morning

Génesis Rodríguez and her body of work is on blast to start 2013 and the Hollywood star inspires this collection of Kansas City mainstream media morning links.

Check it:

- Cold Weather Makes This Town Even More Old And Busted: Kansas City Set Water Main Break Record Last Year . . . This Year Is Already Off To A Competitive Start

- Local history gets national spotlight: World War I centennial commission will be based in KC

- Rep. Chis Kelly And His Obamacare Opinion: Missouri's hospitals will benefit from expanded health care

- Fox4 reports on Rock Chalk Requirements: If you live in Lawrence, Kan., it’s important to make sure your sidewalks are shoveled — or you could be fined.

- Show-Me Crackdown On Fines: Small towns: villains or victims of Missouri's speed trap law?

- Follow-up to JoCo Ripoff: Police: Crooks Charge More Than $10K On Stolen Credit Cards

- The Search For Justice In Kansas City: A Kansas City mother wants to share the story of her son’s murder in hopes that someone will come forward with information to find his killer.

- Facebook ruckus inspires photo reporting that doesn't apply to public figures or news: In digital era, personal pictures become fodder for legal battles

- Important: Rock Chalk Replacement Work: KU Med performs 1000th liver transplant

- Fox4 Human Interest . . . Meth Town Kid Celebrated For Calling Police


Anonymous said...

Concerning the small town speed trap story, I went to CMSU in the late 80s/early 90s and one of the first thing kids from Kansas City learned is that you DID NOT speed through Lone Jack on US 50.

Anonymous said...

Okay see if a can break my record of 50 comments today. Amazing how so few people can make a blog look like it's relevant.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a fuck who offed another NIGGER, in the midtown? It happens nearly everyday and ain't gonna change. Fucking NIGGERS are just bred that way..