Wednesday, January 16, 2013


There won't be anything or anybody as interesting as Kelly Brook on our Kansas City bike trails . . . Still, this town continues roll out the red carpet for a small, well-organized special interest that imagines more cowtown interest in cycling than has ever existed in reality.

Fox4: In the past five years, the city has gone from about six miles of bike lanes and 25 miles of bike trail to 34 miles of bike lanes and 352 miles of signed bike routes.

KSHB: KC releases updated bike map for riders

Check the City's site (while it's still up) for more Kansas City cycling resources.


Anonymous said...

If they would stay on the trails and stop biking down Wornall during rush hour at 20 MPH in the middle lane, it would be far more safe.

Remember, the toughest thing about winning the Tour De France is NOT getting by the World Anti Doping Commission.

It's telling your parents your gay.

Anonymous said...

I want to see her pedal that bike wearing those fucking heels.


Anonymous said...

Kelly could do it!