Thursday, January 17, 2013

Elizabeth Banks And Kansas City Midday Links

Elizabeth Banks reveals that sometimes broads women can appear attractive when they're wearing clothes besides skimpy lingerie and bikinis.

- The best tab ever to go unpaid: Livestrong-Sporting Kansas City dispute may head to court

- Sunflower State vs. The Military Industrial Complex: Kansas Cattlemen Reject Proposed Biosecurity Lab

- Community Discussion: KCMO Shaping the Future of Midtown, Plaza Area

- Saying Goodbye To Elizabeth Alex

- Kansas City Lawyers Make More Money: Husch Blackwell profits rise in 2012

- Missouri Medical Industrial Complex: Schaaf sponsors bill creating Missouri prescription drug monitoring program

- Big Local Biz Stays Winning: Burns & McDonnell makes Fortunes' Best Companies list, with Google on top

- A lesson in restraint too late: Missouri woman gets 4 years in prison for hitting teacher

- Cowtown Culture: KCMO Mayor's Task Force for the Arts Begins Community Outreach

- Golden Ghetto tragic traffic: One rescued from JoCo head-on collision

- Kansas City Has A Variety Of Shows Coming Soon

- Thankfully, no longer Kansas City news: Lance Armstrong stripped of Olympic medal


Anonymous said...

No shit, check that cunt out on Casenet. She deserves more than four fucking years. What a stone, cold bitch!

Anonymous said...