Monday, January 28, 2013

Claudia Romani & The Kansas City Link Wave

Claudia Romani and her bikini hotness on blast start this Kansas City mainstream media collection on this unnaturally balmy January afternoon.

- Artsy Kansas City move: Mayor Launches Community Task Force for Arts

- The closest cowtown football fans will get to the big game: Jim Harbaugh will have family in KC rooting for 49ers

- Golden Ghetto Death Explanation: A 91-year-old Fairway man who was stabbed earlier this month by his grandson has died of an unrelated medical condition. . . . But I'm sure it didn't help.

- For Local Foodies Following: Brookside chef Tio dukes it out on ‘Iron Chef America’

- JoCo Fear And People Only Care About White Kids: Shawnee 12-year-old says men chased her on way to school

- More Baby Death Tragedy: KCK Police Investigate 5-Month-Old Baby’s Death

- Science And A Lesson In Next Level Tracking: Childen’s Mercy Announces $1M Gift to Fund Genetic Testing Center

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

Task Force for the Arts with that fucking NIGGER, Airwick on the board??? You gotta be shitting everybody. Maybe Airwick should look into the "art" of finding a job??? The stupid NIGGER has absolutely no concept of The Arts or anything remotely resembling Art.