Wednesday, December 12, 2012


A recent robbery that put an AK-47 on Kansas City streets has neighborhood activists up in arms.

To wit . . .


The letter is a nice bit of civic activism that unfortunately takes place on a day that's mostly dedicated to work on Kansas City toy train partying.

Still, it's definitely worth a read. Check it:


Dear Councilpersons,

For the third time in less than three months, Smart Pawn at the intersection of 63rd and Troost has been robbed. In two of these thefts, firearms were taken. Yesterday, the establishment was relieved of an AK-47. It is clear that the owners and management of this store have no intention of properly securing the business, much less the ample stock of firearms that they maintain for sale in a neighborhood that suffers from nightly gunfire as it is. Why does the City continue to turn a blind eye to irresponsible business owners like those of Smart Pawn? Why does the City continue to allow firearms to be placed in the hands of criminals? The business taxes collected from this establishment cannot possibly be worth people's lives, but that is the impression that the City is giving the neighborhood by ignoring this glaring problem since its inception.

After moving to the Troost Plateau neighborhood in July 2011, I immediately became involved with the residents' association, serving as its Vice-President for the last year. My husband and I are both college graduates; I hold a professional master's degree. We both work as public service professionals. We are expecting our first child within the next four weeks. In short, we are exactly the sort of family that the City claims to desperately want to attract and retain. Why, then, does the City deliberately create dangerous conditions for otherwise attractive neighborhoods?

If Smart Pawn cannot be trusted to secure its own business properly, then it cannot be trusted to operate safely within our City's limits. The owners and management have broken repeated promises to ensure that incidents like these three thefts do not happen. Someone was able to steal an AK-47 from them in broad daylight, for God's sake! Please take action immediately to shut this business down. Smart Pawn should never have been granted a permit to operate in the first place; it is time to rectify the mistake the City has made.


Anonymous said...

Sly doesn't care about neighborhoods. He only cares about trains.

Anonymous said...

Troost Plateau is attracting many residents like the young famly in the letter. Since my partner and I have been there for six years and have witnessed lots of changes for the better in the neighborhood. It is almost becoming a sort of gay village.

There are still some hold outs of badness that I hope in time go away but having a pawn shop, liquor stores and payday loan shops near the neighborhood prolongs the bad hold outs.

Anonymous said...

Smart Pawn - Helping Kansas City Get Rid Of It's Niggersfestation!

Hyperblogal said...

I would strongly suggest that the City needs to give public safety priority ahead of anything else. I don't HAVE to live here you know.

Anonymous said...

NIGGERS and queers infest the Troost Plateau, huh? Well, then the whole fucking place shoot be introduced to napalm. What freaks these creatures be.

Anonymous said...

Just build a 10 ft high barbwire topped wall all along Troost it will make life more pleasant for everyone West of it.

Anonymous said...

When did AKs become legal here in the US? I'm gettin' me a Tommy gun!

Anonymous said...

Yup! It's all the business owner's fault for not building Fort Knox in the scuzziest ghetto in Mid-America. Let's don't demand swift apprehension and a stiff prison sentence for the thieves. Oh No! Lets accuse the business of purposely dangling unsecured "candy" in front of babies. Why I bet the poor thieves couldn't even resist the temptation to break in, invade and victimize the business owner. It was all the businesses owner's fault.

When the hell are we going to quit making excuses for thugs and start kicking ass and taking names in this town? Frankly, I don't care if the guns were in a glass case just screaming out loud at the crooks. What I do care about is that every time a small business is victimized we start blaming the business. Day in and day out businesses are victims of theft, fraud and shoplifting and what is the city doing? Raising FINES. Hell we complain about recidivists while we spend our tax dollars breeding them with ordinances that provide little to no accountability.

Its high time we stopped running the town like a public nuisance and start implementing some accountability. That includes doing away with ordinances specifically designed to circumvent the severity of State penalties while feeding on crime to increase revenues. People in this town ought to be ashamed of the lack of scruples.

I guess I better run pay my red light ticket and support the idea of the PD being glorified meter maids instead of crime fighters.

Anonymous said...

Build a Police Station there. Oh wait, Terry Riley had the Police Station on E 63rd Street moved further South at 75th & Prospect. Oh well. It must have been really dangerous there. So much so that it overlaps with South Patrol.

Thank you Former Councilman Terry Riley! Our streets feel so much safe than before as per the memo from the concerned citizen above.

Anonymous said...

Beep beep beep this just in, police don't respond from the station, they are driving around the city in these things called cars

Anonymous said...

@Beep, beep, beep - They don't respond from Police Cars either.

Sing along: (Public Enemy)

"9-1-1 is JOKE in yo town; get up or get, get down. Late 9-1-1 wears the late crown."

Or did you forget?

And if people say that a police station will make a neighborhood safer, then you just made the point.

Anonymous said...

What a whiney letter.

Guess what? We don't care about your degrees, fetus, "public service professional" jobs (tax leaches), etc.

Fuck off.

Move to Portland, OR - please!

Anonymous said...

WTF? That's stupid. If a shop can't keep their guns safe, they need to be SHUT DOWN.

Anonymous said...

Shut that crap hole down. Stolen AK's aren't used for good things. The last thing the community needs is a funnel for stolen weapons.

Anonymous said...

AK-47's ARE absolutely legal in Kansas City. It's just when they have been modified to fully automatic, that they become illegal. It's not the gun itself that's the problem. It's the fucking assholes who use them for other than sporting or self defense purposes.

chuck said...

Who gives a fuck about the AK 47.

I'll tell ya what is killing us quicker than gunfire and that is the person who wrote the "Open Letter".

I love this comment.

"We both work as public service professionals."

Fuckin perfect.

73% of all new jobs created in the last 6 months, are with the government.

Jesus, how fucked is that?

I would rather get out my guns and take a chance with the gangbangers than have more "Public Service Professionals" vampire the blood outta my wallet for the foreseeable future.

At least when a gangbange drives by and shoots at ya, its over when he leaves.

"Public Service Professionals" are like the babies in the Alien Movies, they just keep sucking the life outta ya till your dead or turn into a fuckin giant leech yourself.

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy, "Chuck" said a mouthful and is it ever the truth! The fucking leaches at the public trough are worse than a cancer on the citizens of KC but we continue to tolerate em...

Anonymous said...

The letter writer is spot on. Guns, especially automatics ARE a huge problem, regardless of who uses them. This bullshit about "guns don't kill people, people do" is beyond stupid.
People kill each other and we make it very easy for them to do so because anyone can get a gun. Anyone, with no background checks.

Anonymous said...

The letter writer is a typical self-important twit.

Anonymous said...

Guns don't kill people, niggers do and not all of them are black.

Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY, let's not legislate against guns. Instead it's the fuck-heads that use them incorrectly. Guns ARE dangerous but so are NIGGERS. Legislate NIGGERS, not guns.

Superdave said...

6:27 your an idiot no doubt

chuck your dead on once again.