Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lucy Pinder And Kansas City Midday Links!!!

Lucy Pinder dressed in some delightfully skimpy holiday gear keeps us the right spirit for compiling Kansas City mainstream media links.

Check it:

- Powerful Kansas City Biz Lady Appointed Today: The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation on Tuesday announced that Mary McLean will be its new chief investment officer, effective immediately.

- Choo-choo news: Holiday train making its way to Kansas City

- Mediocre Health Ranking On Both Sides Of The State Line: New national health rankings place Missouri at 42, Kansas at 24

- A bright idea from Dave Helling: No monument to the Bill of Rights? How about Kansas City?

- JoCo and a list of lobbying wishes: Shawnee Mission District Announces Lobbying Plan

- Doggie reporting: Deer loses buddy hound at Elmwood Cemetery to shelter

- Local Ladies First: Kansas City is the place to be for female entrepreneurs

- Snack Cake Conspiracy: Hostess wants to hire consultant, borrow $30M for wind down

- Slightly lower loss for Sunflower State: Kansas Legislature lowers 2013 budget deficit estimate to $295M

- It's all local partying to end the year: Tasso's Ugly Christmas Sweater Party is Thursday


We Are The Land Of The Slaves And The Home Of The Sheep said...

"No monument to the Bill of Rights?
How about Kansas City?"

A monument to something that no longer exists - thanks to both Bush AND Obama!

Anonymous said...

good point.

Anonymous said...

Wheres your stocks and business section?

Anonymous said...

Template doesn't permit sections. Plus he prefers staying within his comfort zone instead of trying something different and risky.

xalti said...

TKC could add a stock ticker. Even a local stock ticker. But none of you broke shits would understand it.