Sunday, December 09, 2012

Kelly Brook And Kansas City Sunday Links!!!

Brit hottie Kelly Brook smiling in some perfectly skimpy lingerie is probably the best way to start this Sunday morning.

Also, here are some of the Kansas City links we're checking . . .

- Round-up of news from earlier this week . . . Here's a possible solution to Kansas City Ambulance trouble from Mayor Sly and Council: More medical oversight for KC fire/ambulance service approved

- Christmas trees on sale, despite drought

- Show-Me Water Fight That Offers A Glimpse Of Future Battles Over Dwindling Natural Resources: Drought revives war between states - River tussle has no cease-fire in sight.

- Kill a tree for a good cause: Christmas Trees for Only $15 Help Save the Kansas Prairie

- Show-Me GOP Voter Crackdown We All Knew Was Coming: Supporters of photo ID for Missouri voters look to 2013 session

- Careful on local streets: Teen skater hurt after collision with car in Ooooolathe

- Show-Me Town Living Just A Bit Further In The Past Than The Rest Of This Backward State: Vistors to Missouri Town 1855 make the most of Christmas past

- KSHB and keeping local streets safe: "The Missouri Department of Transportation is warning people about the dangers of crossing the highway after the most recent pedestrian accident on Interstate 29 Friday night."

- Important Tiger Safety Chat: Campus rape talk revealing - Misconceptions abound at MU.

- Crappy App lets users take their photos with football losers like Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles

- Human Interest: Youth Volunteer Corps brings smiles to assisted living home

- Prez Obama supporters also include people who believe in absolutely nothing . . . Add This Group To Obama's Winning Coalition: 'Religiously Unaffiliated'


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but there'll be no picture taking with Jovan Belchass!!! HA, HA, HA, HA!!

Anonymous said...

No but we all know where three KCPD officers have a forever memories video shot with Belcher just hours before his drunken hung over melt down.