Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hayden Panettiere And Kansas City Links!!!

Hayden Panettiere and a link to her rather sweet bikini pics put me in the mood to compile the most important Kansas City Mainstream Media links out there right now.

Take a peek:

- Quitting The Big Pharma  Industrial Complex: CEO Steve Roling to retire from Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

- MSM MWWS: New sex assault charge for suspect in Jessica Ridgeway slaying

- Basically another BBQ list: KC's 10 most-searched restaurants

- A conspiracy against cancer: Kansas Masonic Foundation gives $1M to fight cancer

- Cruelty catches a break: Lucky Deer Hunter Survives Getting Shot

- Another Westport place coming soon: Huddle House opens in Westport next Monday

- Golden Ghetto Comes ups short: JoCo DMV faces million dollar gap

- Numerology for the little ones: Lenexa 12-year-old celebrates once-in-a-lifetime birthday on 12/12/12

- Sunflower State War Against X-mas Continues: Kansas Man Fined for Decorating Truck with Christmas Lights

- Show-Me Another Bill For Obamacare To Cover: Missouri hospitals see uncompensated care hit $1.1B


Anonymous said...

"lucky deer hunter". Maybe the fucking deer are shooting back.

Anonymous said...

Top 5 restaurant search is spot on. I LUV all of those resturants. Jackstack! Yum! Bring me some shrimp, please TKC. Don't forget the baked beans!

Anonymous said...

Stop being lazy and write some stories already.

Anonymous said...

Links are stories. Get out of the 60s.