Friday, December 14, 2012

Candice Swanepoel And Kansas City Links

Candice Swanepoel and even more of her bikini winning starts this morning in Kansas City as we compile some of the most important mainstream media links.

Check it:

- Hoping For A Northland Shopping Mall Renaissance: Officials: Nearly-Empty Metro North Mall Set for Redevelopment

- Political showdown risk: Study: 'Fiscal cliff' may cost Kansas 40K jobs, $2.75B GDP

- Meth Town Fatty Program On Blast: 40 percent of students at Truman High were overweight or obese. Two years ago, she was part of a district-wide program to test student's body fat.

- New local law enforcement trend continues: JoCo Sheriff's office hosts tweet-along

- Rock Chalk Cruelty?!?! KU Med cited in another animal death

- Power Play Partial Approval: KCP&L wins half of rate increase in Kansas

- Holiday theft report: Copper thieves hit Salvation Army space in Grandview

- Files Aren't Safe In The Sunflower State: Kansas audit questions state's computer security

- Golden Ghetto schemes abound: Police warn Johnson County residents after string of home burglaries

- Dead Tree Media Self-Congratulatory Coverage Too: After KC Star stories, senator pushes for rule on labels on some beef products

- Green Balloons And Journalism: Jetton Gets His Own Digital Rag

- Kansas City Blogger Link: Robert Butler Reviews The Hobbit


Anonymous said...

You mean 40% of Trumans students are black? Seriously, think how rarely you see a thin black woman? They are ALL obese. 300 lbs is the norm.

Anonymous said...

they are fat because all of the free food they get on their monthly Obama/EBT card.