Thursday, November 15, 2012


When Mayor Sly started his campaign for this town's highest office he promised Kansas City that he didn't really want to mess with schools and instead focus on the problems of the city.

Some argue that the situation in the Kansas City Public School District changed and so it called Mayor Sly to take action.

Since the campaign Mayor Sly has refocused his attention on education when he's not doing eco-devo work or hinting that Kansas City needs a big taxpayer subsidized hotel.

To be fair, the Mayor's reading program is very nice. Still, it's still a poor substitute more important work he might want to focus on in the urban core.

Check the deets on tomorrow's media event:

Mayor James to make major Turn the Page KC announcements tomorrow

Board of Directors to be revealed, grant awarded, and early numbers released

(Kansas City, Missouri) --- Tomorrow, Kansas City Mayor Sly James will join with community partners to mark significant milestones for the Turn the Page initiative. Turn the Page is the Mayor’s initiative to ensure that every child in Kansas City can read at grade level by the time they leave third grade.
After a community planning effort involving hundreds of community volunteers and over 50 partner organizations, the Mayor will announce the formation of a Board of Directors for Turn the Page Kansas City. “I cannot thank this high-powered and incredibly talented founding Board of Directors enough. When the community sees the caliber of the leaders who have agreed to serve and steer this effort, the priority our community is putting on this critical project will be very clear,” said Mayor James.

After the announcement, the newly appointed Board will conduct their first meeting, approve organizational bylaws and nominate officers.

The Mayor will also announce the first major grant awards in support of Turn the Page Kansas City. One award, one of only eight awarded nationally from the Bloomberg Foundation and funded by Target, will assist the organization in its efforts to train volunteers, monitor progress and coordinate curriculums and best practices in four key Kansas City school districts. The second award is from the AmeriCorps VISTA national service program.

Details of the awards will be outlined at the press conference.

Finally, the Mayor will highlight initial numbers from this summer’s focused eight-week summer reading program run by Upper Room. City interns devoted nearly 1,200 hours, joining 3,700 other volunteers at multiple reading sites throughout the City. Thousands of students read, or had read to them, an average of 75 books a piece this summer. Details of the initial data from the Upper Room/Swope Renaissance summer program will be discussed at the press conference.

“Turn the Page Kansas City’s primary focus is marshalling a community-wide effort, gathering resources and using a data-driven process to promote programs that work to improve reading scores of our youngest students,” said Mayor James. “We have a long road ahead, but I look forward to celebrating the progress we are making. It will take a sustained community effort. This is not about who gets credit but rather that we are focused on helping young learners read. I have read to hundreds of students at nearly 20 schools this year. We can all help change the future for our youngest Kansas Citians for the better --- that begins with reading.”

WHO: Mayor James, new Turn the Page Board members, community leaders
WHAT: Major announcements regarding Turn the Page KC
WHEN; Friday, November 14, 2012, at 2 p.m.
WHERE: Kansas City Public Library-Central Branch, Children’s Library (2nd floor)
14 West 10th Street, Kansas City, MO 64105



Byron said...

The last estimate that I saw said that there were about 14,000 homeless students in Kansas City. Let the educators focus on reading & maybe the mayor should focus on the homeless students.

Anonymous said...

We're also at 97 homicides in KCMO so far this year.
How about that?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Superdave said...

Let KC focus on KC and let Byron focus on where he lives in short stay out of our business

Anonymous said...

Yeah, shithole, west virginia !

Anonymous said...

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forget 93

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Byron said...

This is a free speech zone.
I have Tony's blessing.
I don't need yours.

Anonymous said...

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