Friday, November 09, 2012


UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer and her flexible hotness inspires this list of Kansas City power players.

Check it:


1. Congressman Cleaver - This week it was clear Kansas City's Congressman is the strongest leader of local Democrats.

2. Secretary Of State Elect Jason Kander - The start of a meteoric rise out of Kansas City.

3. Missouri Democratic Party Chair Mike Sanders - Complaints about fundraising have been silenced given Sen' Claire's victory.

4. Mayor Pro Tem Cindy Circo - The strongest lady politico in all of Kansas City.

5. MO State Sen. Jolie Justus - The Queen Of Kansas City's LGBT Community and soon to be anointed 4th District Council Lady.


Tess K. - From pin-up news to election coverage, this Kansas City journalist has dominated the airwaves this week.

John Landsberg - Kansas City's media referee who keeps an accurate and fair account of local media developments.

Darla Jaye - In the aftermath of an Obama win she has been talking some AMAZING stuff on her show and getting feedback from all sides.

The Whole Gang @ The Northeast News - Our favorite Kansas City community paper.

Nick Haines - We've long admired the energetic, witty and thoughtful style of this Welshman.


The Northland wants to SECEDE from Kansas City Proper so badly.

All the clerks at Midtown mobile telcom stores can already see TKC coming and asking for an Obama-phone.

Older white dudes SHOCKED that nobody agrees with them.

Kansas City's Downtown Streetcar might now earn the name - "The Obama Train"

The tragic Kansas City murder count remains UNCHANGED and shows NO HOPE of immediate decline.

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


Anonymous said...

You forgot about Sly.

Anonymous said...

NO, no he didn't.

Anonymous said...

Insightful. I am actually a shocked older white guy. Thought no one knew!!

Lou Paloma said...

Old white dude & proud of it !!! Not appoligizin' for it, not ashamed of it, get it ? got ? good !!!

Anonymous said...

Jolie Justus will NOT be a member of the KCMO City Council. You heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

Darla's either come a long way from being the KC Queen of the Tea Party and number one public supporter of Mama Grizzly....or she got a memo from Entercom telling her not to act as nuts as Rush Limbaugh if she doesn't want to go on Medicaid.

Anonymous said...

There's still a tea party? Didn't notice it during the election.

What happened to them? I thought they were the majority.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cleaver, when you're making those fire and brimstone speeches you get a little carried away. Be might spit on someone.

By the way, have you paid back the $1.5 million loan on your car wash yet? Didn't think so. You're a deadbeat.

Anonymous said...

Libs have been running KC proper for decades. It's a bastion of peace, prosperity, and financial growth.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point.

Anonymous said...

The only philosophy that the folks "running" KCMO for years have is to be sure to look out for themselves and their friends. In fact, so called liberal programs like the housing department have been just as completely ignored as public safety and the police department.
It's hard to discover the difference between conservative and liberal asphalt and other basics of running a city. And it's even more difficult when the people elected to govern the place don't pay the slightest attention to the basic aspects of their jobs that actually have some importance to the folks who actually live there.
Incompeence is polticial party and philosophy neutral.

Anonymous said...

@10:12 i guess people like their goverment cheese more then hard work.

Anonymous said...

Cleaver might be eating gubmint cheese after he loses the case on his car wash loan.


Anonymous said...

Dysfuckinfunctional KC not wants control of the police. Can't imagaine why anyone would be agains local police control when Freedom Inc and the local politicians have donw so welln with the local control of the school district.

Heck maybe we could put the police under Local 42. They at least get their members pay raises and jobs that pay while you sleep.

Anonymous said...

Will the Obamatrain have a cliff to run off?