Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Recently KCPT's WIR program switched things up and offered a roundtable discussion of the Kansas City Streetcar that's up for a "vote" underway now.

Take a look at the Toy Train scam under polite discussion @ Kansas City Public Television studios.

TKC Reader Guide: None of these people at this table have any power or influence related to the Toy Train whatsoever . . . Proof: Somebody mistakenly let STRETCH sit at the grown up table again. Still, it was nice hearing what they had to say and the Jackson County Exec pushing his long, lost Toy Train cause we good for a laugh as well.


chuck said...


What a waste.

Anonymous said...

There's never a shortage of folks who want their harebrained ideas funded with other people's money.
And rarely a shortage of elected officials who don't have the guts to tell them NO.
And the taxpayers in KCMO just sit there, elect the same kinds of candidates, get lied to and tricked during campaigns, and just pay and pay.
How's the Sanders $1 billion train joke coming?

Anonymous said...

Crosby is the ONLY one on this so-called panel, that has any idea about the costs, the benefits and the over-all viability of this goofy assed idea of a "toy train". The Kemper family has propped up KC for generations and to pay no heed to their experience and wisdom, is a horrible disservice.

Anonymous said...

Oh give me a FUCKING BREAK! Crosby Kemper and his cousin Jonathan are first-class assholes. The current Kemper generation's biggest accomplishment has been to inherit money. Fuck, any shithead can do that. Reminder: Crosby was an avid Funkhouser SUPPORTER. We rightfully ran the Funk and his snake-oil out of town. Crosby should have left with him. It would be good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe that the Kemper family does own the land where this train would be located, correct? I thought they owned a large portion of Grand Avenue.

Also even if they do not own the land they certainly will once the city goes bankrupt and stops making the bond payments, because it will be the banks owned by the Kemper's that finance this project for the city.

So you see any way the city turns to get money for this project, the Kemper Family wins!

Epic Fail for Kansas City.

The Kemper's are just another banking family like the many banking families that have come before them. All they care about is the city taking on more debt, because then they control the city.

Unfortunately, it is looking like Mayor Sly James is being controlled by the Kemper's, that is the only reason the Mayor gives two shits about this silly train.

Anonymous said...


Stop the Toy Train.

Anonymous said...

Still with the surface parking lots? Isn't that the same argument you used to build P&L?

That one sure turned out great didn't it?

Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Crosb!y Kemper is commended for taking a public position. Love to know how Sly bought off State Street & DST.

Anonymous said...

GROW UP!!!!!

Make sure adults don't have to park more than 25 feet from a door.

SAVE KC'S BLIGHT!! Stop the Toy Train.

Anonymous said...

Crosby and Jonathan are all about getting what THEY want, especially Jonathan. Jonathan is a major flake who would demand the train be painted pink if his psychic advised him that was best. Don't listen to the Kempers.