Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shay And Kansas City Links Tonight!!!

Shay Laren inspires tonight's collection of Kansas City mainstream media links . . .

- Happy Rock Trickery: Fake ice? KC gets first synthetic rink

- Not exactly a kind description of fundraising for a good cause: Little Sisters of the Poor Beg for Donations

- Snack Cake Disaster: Mediation between Hostess, union fails

- More KCK gunfire delivered: Shooting victims found at KCK Pizza Hut

- Local money dudes: Researcher calls Kansas City entrepreneurial community fragmented

- More hateration toward Krazy Kris: Dream Act Supporters Protest Kris Kobach’s Effort to Strike Down Program

- Show-Me Nasty: Former Missouri police officer pleads guilty to child porn charge

- Holiday Playoff Losers: Sporting KC stars to flip switch on Plaza lights

- Another side of local biz poaching: Vistar will move 75 employees from Shawnee to Riverside

- Kansas City Royals ESPN overview

- Killing karma: Deer hunter shot to death in Missouri

- The season of pointless gestures: Chiefs, Volunteers Gather to Fight Holiday Hunger


Anonymous said...

The fake ice, rink is only open through Feb. Crown Center's real ice is open longer. Fail

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ded deer hunter...50 years old and NOT wearing blaze orange during rifle hunting season???? Old enough to know better. Stupid is as stupid does...and ded,ded,ded. And what about the shitheel who pulled the trigger? Did he even know what the fuck he was shooting at?