Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Right Idea: Kansas City Royals Firing Spree!!!

The Kansas City Royals seems to have the right idea following ANOTHER mediocre season:

Royals overhaul roster, cutting seven, including Pena

I'm not gonna miss any of these d-bags and it's clear the only attraction is the Royals' Mascot Slugerrr and his dangerous hot dog gun.


Anonymous said...

theres always the 2014 season to look forward 2

Anonymous said...

Isn't the "n" in Pena acutally a Spanish "nye"? I thought you were of Hispanic background Tony? What gives?

Anonymous said...

The cheesy ass chiefs administration, as retarded as they are, might see this, and after they look up what getting rid of people who do not produce mean....well they might too have a Firing spree which should start with Paoli, but since him and Hunt sleep together, I doubt that will happen.

Anyway we can only hope while in a bad play butt sex episode between Paoli and Hunt, Hunt will not only divorce Paoli, but also try to rid his franchise from crabs.(which are so unproductive they dont seem to itch provoking him to take any action). It should be called the Kansas City Crabs with a venereal wart for a GM.

Anonymous said...

Byron likes my hotdog gun!

Anonymous said...

Super dave wishes he had a hotdog gun, one that would actually shoot!