Monday, November 19, 2012

Pro-Palestine Protests On The Plaza

From Kansas City's greatest photog: Protest in Kansas City against Israeli military activity toward Gaza

Raw video of the same event from somebody else.


Anonymous said...

When are these fools going to learn that although the Jews did not fight back in World War Two, things have changed.

Now Jews fight.

They won't be marching into camps quietly ever again.

They know that if the Arabs occupied Israel, a Second Holocaust would begin.

And Israel has nuclear weapons.

If they should go down this time, they will be taking a large part of the world with them.

Anonymous said...

Look at that guys sign, "From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free!"

Of Jews, that is.

Not this time, fools.

There won't be a Second Holocaust where the Jews march silently to their deaths.


If Israel goes, the Middle East goes with it.

chuck said...

Jews face reality, and act.

When they find out who terrorists are, they kill the families of the terrorists.

God bless 'em.

They should kill every one in the fuckin neighborhood too.

Byron said...

Sounds like you want to kill someone, Chuck.

chuck said...

Ya can't argue with animals.

Anonymous said...

Puck the Phallustinians

Anonymous said...

Sympathy for the devil.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Hamas needs to stop firing artillery into Israel, ya think?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Israel needs to end the military blockade and economic oppression of Gaza, ya think? Just because Israel does their killing with American military hardware doesn't make it any less horrendous than the terrorism of Hamas. The more civilians Israel kills in Gaza, be it by starvation or by F-16, the more extreme Hamas will be, and the more powerful it will be among the Palestinian people.

Anonymous said...

I think it's more effective to show very graphic photos of dead small children and that's what I do, rather than artistic photos of attractive CC Plaza protesters.

The Gaza people should have appealed long ago to becoming part of Israel, getting representation... legitimacy, and becoming part of Israel's successful democracy. Making it instead a democratic state without so much religion.

Semitics from both sides are very religiously oriented, however. So maybe that would never be possible.

Too bad those who designed this artificial country back in 1948 had drawn the boundaries better, buying some territory from, say, from Jordan with a safe passage and port to the sea from the West Bank....and moved the Palistinians there from Gaza to start with.

Admittedly, the map of Israeli borders are impossible to defend in hostile arab territory. And they left the Palistinian people with no recourse, no sense of nationalism if they wanted to develop one.

They became so like American Native indians, pushed into smaller and smaller land parcels until they were decimated.

Israel could have done better, negotiating a better deal for those they displaced by working with, buying some desert in Jordan adjacent to the west bank for those folks to give them a piece of land to call their own.

And Israel is wealthy enough to have made them a viable place to live, just like Germany did to East Germany after the wall came down. And given them access to the Med for economic development.

But they didn't....and current Israeli leadership is in no mood to give up ANYTHING for peace. It may well cost them their nation for being so stubborn and territorial.

Anonymous said...

the guy on the bullhorn is Feras El-Ghussein, he is a Viva Palestina volunteer for George Galloway. They raised 103,000 for HAMAS at the Overland Park Marriott a couple years ago..... George Galloway was banned from Canada and America for giving money to HAMAS... some of that money came from KC. Feras is also a member of MDPAAC working with MD Alam, the Islamist 911 truther who got 40K votes for secretary of state. Feras's father Rushdy El-Ghussein also recently signed the petition asking for Obama to enforce blasphemy laws. It is all really awesome, HAMAS is in Kansas City.