Monday, November 19, 2012

Pop Star Fatties And Kansas City Links!!!

Byron Crawford reminds us that Pop Stars can no longer be bothered to stay in good shape and points us in the direction of a link that proves as much.

And speaking of fatties, here's a healthy serving of Kansas City mainstream media news:

- On to another crazy time of year: Kansas City police in standoff with suicidal man

- Reactionary politico leadership robs people of freebies: Expert: State stances on Obamacare may backfire

- Blue Bird And Los Alamos Shut Down By Health Inspectors Today

- Listening to old white ladies will lead the way to harmony: Two women with opposing views about Israel and Palestine share a common hope for peace.

- Meth Town Investigation Continues: Kansas City police said they are looking for three people in connection with a home invasion late Sunday.

- Golden Ghetto Crook: Man pleads guilty to Overland Park bank robbery

- Rock Chalk History: Navajo Code Talker Awarded KU Diploma

- Help Find A Kansas City Corpse In The Weeds: Hikers, hunters asked to look for bodies

- X-mas in Northeast: Twelfth Street to transform into Santa’s Wonderland Nov. 21

- Park prize: Another generous gift from the Ward Family Foundation will allow for upgrades in Loose Park and continued maintenance in other Kansas City parks.

- Gunfire and then more consequences: Wounded man charged in incident involving off-duty KC police officer


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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