Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Polish Catholic Church Basement Debate Brought Down Kansas Legislator

Barb Shelly: "Really good news in #ksLeg. Kelly Kultala has rather soundly defeated Steve Fitzgerald for a Kansas Senate seat."


Steve Fitzgerald, Kansas State Senate Candidate, Explains Views On Catholic Democrats

Steve Fitzgerald, Kansas 5th District hopeful, jokes about domestic violence

UPDATE . . . Barb Shelly was WRONG.

Real story

In rematch, Fitzgerald unseats Kultala in Kansas District 5


Dr. Ernest Evans said...

Dear Mr. Tony: I am afraid that the local PC crowd got ahead of themselves in this case. Fitzgerald actually won the election. Now, I know that the Pitch and the Star were absolutely frantic that he lose--and that led them to terribly, terribly slant their coverage of this race. Now, the real question before the house is this: Why all of this massive media attention to a state senate race in Kansas? It is hardly an earth-shattering news event that a GOP candidate for state senate in Kansas opposes gay marriage on religious grounds. I suppose next we will hear breathless stories in the Pitch and the Star that the NRA is opposed to the confiscantion of handguns and the AARP is opposed to the abolition of social security. Sounds very much like someone has an agenda here that they are not talking about. (Which leads me to the final question about myandidates' forum on Oct. 26: Why did the DNC send two top operatives to film my forum? On the eve of a Presidential election, why is the national Democratic party worrying about s state senate race in Kansas?)Sincerely and Respectfully, Ernest Evans

Anonymous said...

So you're the fucking douchebag that makes jokes about beating women? You, sir, are a fucking piece of shit, and it sounds like this Fitzgerald guy is, too. Maybe the reason they were targeting him is that he is a fucking asshole with major women issues. Like you.