Wednesday, November 14, 2012


A hopeful presser regarding Kansas City's X-Mas Tree . . . Credit where it's due, Mayor Sly HAS improved the Mayor's Christmas Tree Fund and helped to return it to former glory that serves to help the local poor.

Check the presser:

Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund helped over 7,000 Kansas Citians in need last year

Fund is on good financial footing. Residents encouraged to contribute.

(Kansas City, Missouri) --- Today, Mayor James announced totals from last year’s Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund campaign and urged Kansas Citians to help give aid to those less fortunate as we move into the holiday season.

One of the tallest Christmas Trees in the country, the Mayor's Christmas Tree at Crown Center is strung with more than 7,200 white lights and stands 100 feet tall — taller than the famous trees at the White House and Rockefeller Center.

“For over a century, the Mayor’s Christmas Tree has stood as a symbol of the generosity, kindness and compassion of Kansas Citians. Last year, we strived to set the Christmas Tree fund back into good financial shape, build its reserve and focus on its primary role of helping our fellow residents in need during the holiday season,” said Mayor James. “I am very proud to report we helped thousands last year and ask Kansas Citians to help make this year an even larger success.”

Last year, the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund donated:

$33,500 to the Mid-America Assistance Coalition:
202 individuals received assistance with their electric, gas, and water utility bills ($15, 629)
67 individuals received rent assistance ($10,991)
2,093 individual meals ($4,185)
4 individuals with specific and unique needs ($350)

Toys for 3,366 children ($18,286.80)

Walmart Gift Cards for 1,200 families ($30,000)

Charities helping an estimated 500 individuals ($2,000)

TOTAL: Assistance to 7,432 children and families during last year’s holiday season.

The Fund raised $130,934 in 2011, Mayor James’ first year in office. That represents over two-and-a-half times what was raised in the previous year ($49,803). After paying outstanding bills and strengthening the reserve, the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund distributed $81,441 last year.

Hallmark is now taking pre-orders for the 2012 Mayor’s Christmas Tree Ornament made from the wood of last year's tree, which stood at Crown Center Square during the holiday season. The 2012 ornament, "Snow Globe," will be available next week, the day after Thanksgiving for $12.50 (limit 5) at Crown Center Customer Service. Pre-orders (limit 2) are accepted by phone at 816-274-7251.

“Every dime from the sales of the 2012 Mayor’s Christmas Tree ornament go to the Mayor's Christmas Tree Fund, to help us assist even more of Kansas City's less fortunate. I am very proud to encourage these ornaments from my first Mayor’s Christmas Tree as a great gift this holiday season,” said Mayor James. “Happy holidays! I look forward to seeing everyone the day after Thanksgiving, November 23, at 5:30 to light the 2012 Mayor’s Christmas Tree.”

Residents can also contribute to the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund online at


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