Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lyla And The Kansas City Sunday Links!!!

Lyla Ashby is the latest Brit hottie model to make waves on this side of the pond and this morning she has inspired a quick glimpse at Kansas City mainstream media links:

- Twinkie Collapse Holds More Consequences For Kansas City: Interstate Brands makes Wonder bread, and for decades, that is all Arthur Bryant's has used for its sandwiches.

- Local military dedication: Whiteman pilots honored for saving lives

- Golden Ghetto Political Fighting: Shawnee's fractious government rides a storm of criticism

- K-State Perfect Season Is Kaput: No. 2 Kansas State, Klein upset 52-24 at Baylor

- Show-Me More River Fighting: Barge industry warns of crippling water woes on Mississippi River

- Follow-up on movie rampaged prevented: Missouri man accused in 'Twilight' shooting plot was committed in '09

- A nice sentiment regarding Google Fiber: Kansas City Now America’s Internet Capital

- Tigers Falter Again: Syracuse Beats Mizzou 31-27 to Become Bowl Eligible

- Chinese statues for JoCo while silly obscenity case still lingers among people without any real problems: Seven sculptures join controversial display in Overland Park

- STL BBQ Can't Compete With Kansas City But Here's A Sweet Article That Laments This Fact Of Life


Anonymous said...

Arthur Bryant's sandwiches are pure shit anyway. Who cares what bread they use? A shit sandwich is STILL a shit sandwich. Go to OK Joes or Jack Stack..Fuck A Bryant's and that jig crap.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City was much better off as one of The Best Kept Secrets In America.

Superdave said...

Shawnee Ks has been a city of payoffs and back stabbers forever.

You either play along with the government clic or get your ass out.

Bryants use to be good food but the ole way of doing it and it's homestyle taste left when all the Bryants died. The new owners have no clue how to run the joint as the food proves.

Anonymous said...

Bryants rules!

Anonymous said...

Too bad for the MU Chiefs.

Anonymous said...

Wonder bread like the Chiefs LOSING for forty years !

Anonymous said...

Looks like Lyla needs a couple more twinkies!