Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Lucy And The Kansas City Morning Link Look

Lucy Collett and her ginger NSFW hotness starts our morning along with these Kansas City mainstream media links.

Take a look:

- Claire kinda gloats: McCaskill said re-election proves doubters wrong

- New York Times: Turnaround in Missouri as Incumbent Keeps Seat

- Northeast News: KC Design Center puts Northeast under a microscope

- The old boss: Incumbents reign in Missouri'S U.S. House elections

- Still don't understand this one: Kansans favor watercraft proposal

- Cat house woman: A Liberty woman was ordered Tuesday to pay a $200 fine for harboring about a dozen feral cats.

- Sunflower State Lady Victory that's not very important to me: Republican U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins has been re-elected in Kansas' 2nd District.

- Global climate change news that nobody realizes: Missouri basin fluctuating between extremes

- Perfect Village kindness: Claim: Prairie Village councilman let homeless man stay at City Hall

- ROAD TRIP: Colorado voters have approved Amendment 64, legalizing recreational marijuana use.


Orphan of the Road said...

Obama has drones headed there now.

Anonymous said...

If brownback really wanted to grow the kansas economy and raise taxes he would do the same thing in kansas.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Word is the whole thing is another ATF sting operation designed to ID pot smugglers with concealed carry permits. So in keeping with tradition the FEDS will hand out spades, grow lights, seeds, guns and coupons for free samples and later swear it was never authorized.