Monday, November 19, 2012


Jeebs . . . What a weekend.

We're starting the work week with totally NSFW gallery of hottie Lindsey Strutt.

And then . . .

There was also a report of gunfire in the not-so-exciting Lee's Summit suburbs and a standoff thankfully ended but reminding us that this town is always ready to start shooting.

And then . . .


You're welcome.

It was a nice Sunday night feature on KMBC wherein KJ claims that music has helped him outgrow trouble with the law . . . We'll talk more about it in just a bit. And right now we can only think that it's kind of odd that two grown men plan to move out to LA together in the name of hip-hop . . . It's very much an "alternative" rap music story.


Hopefully, we'll have more local content, links, BREAKING/EXCLUSIVE NEWS, hateration, debate, discourse and all kinds of good stuff in just a few . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

This town is going to crap!

Anonymous said...

No, this happened in HONKEY HEIGHTS!!! Wasn't no "niggers" mentioned just WHITE TRASH!

What's wrong? Did you THINK y'all mother fuckers were do god damned evolved that you were above the fray?

HELL. TO. THE. NO. This is just the beginning. Watch your stupid assed red neck neighbors start killing each other and their families because they are too fucking depressed to face the holidays penniless!

Hell y'all the GREAT WHITE HOPE! Right?

Stupid dick faced jerk offs!

"This town" my ass!

Anonymous said...

Wow 11:10 I don't know who nominated you as the spokesman for your race but they might want to reconsider. You sound as ignorant as any other piece of ghetto trash, go back to your section 8 cockroach infested apartment and have yourself some fried chicken. Oh and keep your comments to yourself because everyone knows that this is an isolated incident in that part of the metro.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you boot lipped cum belcher !

Anonymous said...

7:07 sure sounds like a good ole Louisiana blue gum NIGGER. All the intelligence of a house plant.

Anonymous said...

Blue gum...Sounds like a royal nubian nucklehead.

They never cease to amaze me

Anonymous said...

Is it KJ or KL Jelly?

Radioman KC said...

And unlike TKC, KMBC has done the story and is DONE with it. They won't be promoting him three times a month like Tony does. They realize the Sly Son just isn't really worth the airtime that TKC devotes to copy inches on his blog for that playuh!

That's because they have such a larger viewership than Tony does readers. Every day of the week.

We bloggers mostly just entertain ourSELVES. We aren't seen by tens of thousands of people every night like the broadcasters.


If Tony gets rid of his reposts from other, mostly TV media, he's pretty much just a gossip blog for KCMO City Hall bloggers angry with their bosses.

Which is good...TV's always had a logistical problem gathering the good stuff...ya can't keep your job talking to obnoxious TV photographers. So Tony is a good source for other media folks who just don't have the time to dig for news from whistleblowers. That's why I read him.

Tony reveals news that TV won't do because they can't get good video to go on record, and the Star won't devote inches to.

Sadly TV's never been able to afford enough reporters to dig news without a high visibility photographer w/camera in tow.

Which is why they only record 'events' as John called them. TV's view is that if they can't illustrate it on video, it's not a suitable story for television.

Like crimes, news conferences. Handout news, people looking for publicity who will go on camera.

TV is soooo understaffed, they just can't afford to really newsgather...they're so preoccupied with their need of getting VIDEO for the broadcast.

Moreover, you can't cover the city at large if you're pressured to turn in a minute or two of VIDEO news every fucquing day.

You have to sacrifice NEWSgathering time to make your required mini-movies for TONIGHT's broadcast.

So I agree...the public needs NEWSPAPERS and BLOGs... because your regular news source, TV, isn't man enough to cover the stuff you need to know. Not EVERYTHING IMPORTANT lends itself to VIDEO!

Wanna know more, check this written 15 years ago called "What TV News Doesn't Want You to Know:

John Landsberg just wrote a summary of this website as if it was something new. Fact is, these TV news problems have been chronic for many years. I'm not trying to blow smoke up your own asses about ME, I'm just telling you that most movers and shakers dealing with TV stations have known their limitations for decades! And they behave accordingly for your consumption.

From Presidential Candidates, to senators, to mayors, to local cops. It's always about how they will come across on your Nightly Newscast!

Young pretty-faced TV news reporters paid to fill tonight's newscast aren't that hard to manipulate because they aren't really all that street smart!

And they don't really have enough airtime to tell you all you need to know about your town...once they subtract the ghetto killings, the sports, the gratuitous liveshots, the weather and the self promotion in that half hour!

It's been that way since TV consultants told them how to get ratings for the least amount of money.

Brainwashed Consumer said...

TV doesn't do news-it never has. They do the spin of the folks in control of things, and they ain't us!