Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Jordan Carver seems to be ready for Thanksgiving and so is everybody else . . . Check these Kansas City mainstream media links that most people might check before completely giving up on work this week . . .

- Kansas City Royals 2013: What the Signing of Jeremy Guthrie Means for the Royals . . . Other than another mostly losing season.

- Old school Kansas City report . . . KCTV5 Investigates: Care deficiencies at Royal Terrace nursing home

- Dave Helling's Horrible Headshot And Something About Other Disasters

- Golden Ghetto Makeshift Creativity: Broken Lenexa truss could become art

- It's Illegal And Not Nice To Take A Dump In Historic Northeast

- Followup On Another Crackdown: Under a new ordinance, Kansas City Missouri police can crack down on after-hours clubs and nuisance parties.

- On to another downfall against Denver: Kansas City Chiefs Weekly Regress Report: Where They Stand Headed into Week 12

- MUST READ From Ferruzza: The silenced Drum Room gives way to a warm Providence

- Show-Me No Nukes: Missouri loses out on sought-after nuclear project

- Kansas City Football Sacrilege: Chiefs Vow to Play Hard (Maybe Win?) for Praying Woman


Superdave said...

Royal Terrace is a hell hole plain and simple.

I know I had to put my grandmother there for about two months till the place I wanted her in had a room for her. The staff for the most part sucks a few good ones but they to timid to speak out about conditions. The DON was a huge overweight slob who would lie more than tell the truth thinking the family of the residents was clueless about how a nursing home is ran or should be operated.

I will say the day we took grandma out of there was sweet fun. The DON and social worker from the other place all showed up to help with the move after I had just has a huge go around about my grandmothers care with Royal Terrace that morning before. I had called the other place and asked how much longer and they said one more day and they be ready. Thw next day we LOL more or less stormed into the place and started packing grandma's stuff up and getting her ready to move. Royal Terrace sure wanted to sit down at that point and talk about her care in front of others but as I told them I had given them many chances to sit down and talk and all they had done was ignore my questions for the most part and lie about the rest so we was out of there.

At the new place never an issue one.

So if you love your elderly family members don't ever put them in Royal Terrace.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. +1 with Superdave.