Monday, November 19, 2012

Jessica And The Kansas City Afternoon Links

Jessica Gomes kicks off our afternoon look at all the mainstream media Kansas City links that might be worth a peek:

- Downtown Skyline Fail: Kansas City Power & Light Building plan falls through

- On this one, guns kinda fight crime: Stats: Kansas concealed-gun holders commit few crimes

- Mythbusting corporate policy: Mo. Treasurer: Gift cards never really expire

- Help stop this perv: The FBI is asking for the public’s help in identifying a person who they say may be able to provide information in a child sexual exploitation case.

- Dead Tree Media Win: Hallmark wins $31M verdict in trade secrets case

- Discount hate aftermath: Evacuated Walmart back open after bomb squad called in Olathe

- Help Find A Meth Town Killer: Police in Independence are looking for a man wanted in connection to a home invasion that left three people dead last week.

- Romeo Crennel Answers the Question- ‘Is Hunt Mad?’ . . . Did somebody forget to bring him his stacks of cash promptly?

- Kansas City Air Scare: Oxygen masks used on KC-Dallas Southwest flight

- Gov. Jay Tax Move: Nixon gives tax credit commission extra time

- I checked, they don't say if it was a drunken accident: Weekend crash kills new Mizzou wine professor

- Sometimes, Kansas News Is Fun: Wichita police say a man caught two burglars at his elderly neighbor's home and chased them away with a pitchfork.


Anonymous said...

Just keep rushing around like maniacs while pretending it's possible to keep the way things used to be running like they never went away and good times just have to be right around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Re Kansas City Power & Light Building plan falls through... With the toy streetcar coming, I thought the developers would be get in line to snag properties.