Monday, November 19, 2012


KMBC confirms that the best Internet commentary is anony or so satirical that's it's hard to challenge: "A Kansas Court of Appeals research attorney has been fired after an investigation into comments she posted to Twitter last week during the ethics hearing of former Attorney General Phill Kline."


Superdave said...

What bullshit talk about a witch hunt.

Anonymous said...

You mean working on staff for the Court of Appeals has more responsiblities than acting as though you're still in middle school?
What a shock!
The WHOLE world isn't reality TV.

Anonymous said...

She said that she didn't realize that her tweets could be seen publicly. I guess the bar exam must have been easy that year.

Anonymous said...

Kline tried to investigate the rapes of minors (if a minor gets pregant someone committed statutory rape) but the Kansas Bar doesn't like that.

In Kansas there is a "surface morality" look as you look right it does not matter how sick you are.

Anonymous said...

No, Kline used that as an excuse to go after the private medical records of scores of women in his anti-abortion crusade. The guy was a major douche; don't make it sound like he was being noble. Besides, he's probably like the rest of the Republican Party, in that he doesn't believe statutory rape or incest are "legitimate" rape. Bunch of women hating freaks.