Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Horrible Play From The Kansas City Chiefs Pretty Much Threatens Public Safety!!!

Deadspin picks up this popular story: Missouri Man Shoots Guy In The Face With A Shotgun While Watching Chiefs Game

TKC Reader Rightfully Points Out: "It's time to fire Pioli and Romeo Crennel. It's now becoming a health and safety issue."


Anonymous said...

No, take that RED NECK to jail for attempted MURDER! That's what it was. If it had happened .... let's say in another neighborhood.... OK?....then it would have been the talk of this fucking town of yet another sort. LOCK HIS HONKEY HEIGHTS WHITE TRASH the FUCK UP!!

Dumb mother fuckers!

spyke1 said...

And ditto.

Anonymous said...

NOW here are some "dumb Mother Fuckers" YOU people (White or black, brown, light skinned or a KC Firefighter...doesnt matter) who keep buying tickets to see a Chiefs game, supporting a franchise that is as much of a looser as the homeless/low income people they took food to today.

See now the chiefs have much in common with them people.( A win)they are the same...LOSERS!! year after year, and the suckers of KC keep supporting them!!! YOU Motherfuckers need to QUIT enabling those mother fuckers!!!!!

Anonymous said...

7:49 That's kinda raw, but kinda true. The Chiefs only do that to appease the public ya know...they suck as a NFL football team,(have for years) they have embarrassed the Kansas City community with their poor performances, so they offset that by bringing food too poor people. They should be stocking up on food for themselves, because hopefully most of them will be out of work soon!!!!

I give anyone kudos for helping someone in need, but fuck you if you are doing it to offset your failure, and put your good works in the spotlight because it makes you feel better because you are still the selfish pricks you have always been!