Saturday, November 17, 2012

Flight Of The Kansas City Saturday Links!!!

April Cheryse hotness starts our weekend morning as we look at these Kansas City mainstream media morning links for a bit more information.

- Nobody Wants Kansas City Junk: Chiefs' funk hits merchandise sales

- More Convict Communication: A federal judge has ordered the Missouri Department of Corrections not to block books or letters from being delivered to prisoners without providing the people who sent the items a notification and a chance to appeal.

- A lesson in survival: Around 100 Kansas City youth slept on the streets Friday night to raise awareness -- and money -- for homeless children.

- Gazoontight tragedy: Tragedy shows sneezing can cause a fatal crash

- Show-Me Consequences: Fiscal cliff would slam Missouri budget

- Shooting roundup: An Independence woman and her adult son were among three people shot to death in a Friday morning home invasion attack.

- Short Snack Cake Supply: Missouri Grocers: 'We Expect To Be Out Of Twinkies Within 24 Hours'

- Consequences for local crook: A Kansas City man has been convicted of robbing three banks in northeastern Kansas and trying to hold up one of them a second time.

- Local Tree news: KC tries to thwart spread of emerald ash borer

- Show-Me Royalty: Missouri accountant is set to marry Ugandan princess


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