Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Because NOBODY wants to go to Eastern Jack:

Examiner: Transit plan details coming to light

What's interesting in this instance of Kansas City Area mass transit FAIL: The demographics and larger scale for Eastern Jackson County rail transit actually make more sense than the 2.nothing "starter line" costing more than $100 million in Downtown Kansas City. However, the tragic reality is that people aren't going to give up their cars in Easter Jack and the annoying "booster class" doesn't really exist in that part of town in order to advocate for the project.

And so . . . A USELESS Kansas City 2.nothing streetcar line is touted to provide the ILLUSION OF MASS TRANSIT for the local political class working to build a TOY TRAIN that's more about promoting tourism than providing a service to residents.


Anonymous said...

This is just a "look at me" prject for Sanders, yet another opportunity for transportation planners to belly up to the trough, and a sugar rush for mass transit boosters to whine about cars, roads, sprawl, and how awful the rest of us are about not being the least bit interested in spending $1 billion for somebody's harebrained scheme.
How much has been spent so far? And for what and to whom?
Round up the usual suspects.
Public to Mike: Stupidity is not a virtue!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, crybabies...mass transit or obsolescence is the future. Time for you to shut up and get the fuck out of the way. And take you 1975 auto-centric development ideas with you.

Thinks the public is dumb said...

Mike is believing his own press statements ,he should get a grip and realize there is no money and he isn't fooling anyone. Just another stunt to put on his reelection list.

Anonymous said...

A way for certain relatives to get a little something going.

Anonymous said...

Mike Stop Sly already hates you.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...that's 2.bad.