Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Brittney & Kansas City Links Keep Rolling

Brittney Palmer stays winning in her latest photo set . . . And here's the Kansas City links I'm looking at this afternoon . . .

- Kansas City bus justice: A Kansas City man has been arraigned on charges of inflicting bodily injury on a person in connection with an assault on a city bus driver.

- Scaring a burglar back: A Kansas City man thwarted a burglary early today after a stranger kicked open his front door in the 8600 block of Cambridge Avenue.

- More cash for Kansas City's tomb: Union Station is seeking $10 million in state tax credits to make capital improvements to the building and Science City.

- Local pretty pictures: Images of America: Kansas City, Kansas

- Not exactly hope for change: MO Record says the status quo won last night.

- Yael has a point but most hides it with wrongheaded opinion . . . Still, Mayor Sly is being pulled in every direction because he doesn't stand for much.

- Party time: Missouri residents are done voting. But the lawmakers they have elected still have some votes to cast

- Really important comments from The Congressman: Congressman Cleaver Stresses Urban-Rural Connection In Re-Election

- Cowtown complaining or celebrating: Kansas Citians react to election 2012

- Back To Rockville spotlights two low rent Kansas City Friday night shows

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Anonymous said...

bus attacker gets more or less a signature bond. Go figure. A city charge.