Friday, October 26, 2012


Jodie Marsh gives us the strength to finish off this Kansas City Friday tradition.

Take a look at the strongest in Kansas City this week . . .


1. Jason Kander - Kansas City's Missouri Secretary of State Candidate picked up more than a few VERY important endorsements this week and seems to be gaining momentum as the election draws near.

2. Councilman Jermaine Reed - Like it or not, Kansas City's youngest Councilman is counting the East Patrol contract award as a win.

3. Councilman John Sharp - Behind the scenes, he's shaping Council legislation and working the media.

4. Sen. Claire McCaskill - Sitting back and watching Todd Akin implode.

5. Jackson County Legislator Theresa Garza Ruiz - Your future Kansas City Council Lady.


Tess K. - She covered an important KCPS story on Fox4 that encouraged the district to switch a bad decision.

Eric Chaloux - Consistently covering some of the most captivating reports on KCTV5.

Ryan Kath - Kansas City's new leading investigative journalist.

Melissa Yeager - KC Native and rather notable blonde journalist.

John Combest - The King of Show-me State Links and information.


Justin Bieber - Kansas City has Bieber-Fever this weekend.

Freaker's Ball - Bad tattoos meet weird piercings and listen to loud music.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Classic rock for the over 30 set.

Pumpkin Beer - It's important to keep traditions.

Waterfire Kansas City - Kansas City tradition burns brightly this weekend.

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


Anonymous said...

You forgot Cindy.

Anonymous said...

just started to see the first negative ad. that is definitely not a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Breaking out the Yanni, Kitaro and John Tesh CD's with some foie gras and a nice pinot noir to get ready for Waterfire. YEAH OBAMA!

Gerry G. said...

It's sad but that's probably how so many Plaza people will be celebrating the event. A shame really that KC hasn't busted out of the mold the media has created for us.

Anonymous said...

Justin Bieber is keeping some rough company. Good for him.

Anonymous said...

What's Kander's plan B?

Anonymous said...

Kander is just gross. Just saw his stupid commercial about boots. Sounds like duh, gee, Tennessee.

Anonymous said...

Justin Bieber is a little closet queer! I'm sick of seeing his gay following sporting that faggot style hair cut too.

Anonymous said...

Jermaine is a stupid, doddering douche. He holds up committee meetings with speeches, rambling on and on nonsensically trying to take credit for East Patrol, when actually he got in the way more than anything.

Michael Flethcher is coming back to town and Jermaine Reed is as nervous as a whore in church. He's campaigning every chance he gets, at meetings, on Channel 2, wherever he can get an audience.

Anonymous said...

Women with tattoos especially full sleeves...that's just trashy!!! see a councilor and work your issues out instead of mark yourself up like that...My opinion and fuck you if you dont like it!!!

Anonymous said...

Jermaine showboated that's for sure. But his constituents don't care if he stays in good with alvin and the gang.

Byron said...

Does anyone know if an attempt was made to rescue Theresa's daughter, or is she a throwaway?

Anonymous said...

There was an attempt to spin the story. That's all that matters.

Anonymous said...

If Theresa gave a damn as a parent her daughter would have never turned tricks, Byron. It is very sad.

Anonymous said...

When I visit the Aldi's in the 3rd District, I always write my blood type on my shoes. Vote for me.

Anonymous said...

Melissa Yeager
Melissa Yeager
Melissa Yeager
Thanks for giving her a shout out, Tony!