Saturday, October 06, 2012

Mayor Sly Touts Kansas City Sewer Progress

Take a look at the raw presser regarding a bit of good Kansas City infrastructure news: KC breaks ground for sewer project

Check the deets from the presser:

Water Services unveils $48 million disinfection improvements project

Mayor James and City leaders join in groundbreaking

Today, the City of Kansas City, Mo., Water Services Department conducted a groundbreaking for the effluent disinfection improvements project at the Blue River Wastewater Treatment Plant, Kansas City's largest wastewater treatment facility. Water Services Director Terry Leeds presided over the groundbreaking, which included remarks from Mayor Sly James and Councilwoman Jan Marcason. The $48 million project is one component of a $96 million overall investment by Water Services to improve the quality of the water returned to area waterways.

"We continue to keep faith with the voters of Kansas City by moving forward with projects they have overwhelmingly approved. This project, backed by voter approved bonds, will increase our capacity to treat wastewater, put our citizens to work, and make the Missouri River safer for our children. It is a smart project, a sound project and a project that solves an immediate problem. Cities are America's economic engine, and we are proving we are a city on the move. This may not be the sexiest project, but it shows that in Kansas City we take our responsibility to the future seriously and are making the investments needed to be a world class city," said Mayor Sly James.

Project plans include the construction of three chemical terminal facilities. Combined, these facilities will store, distribute and move necessary supplies for wastewater treatment at Blue River and at two additional treatment plants in Kansas City. The project will meet heightened state requirements for wastewater disinfection, and is part of Water Services' 25-year federally-mandated Overflow Control Program.

"Water Services is excited to kick off this important project at the Blue River Wastewater Treatment Plant," said Terry Leeds, Water Services director. "This project maximizes the efficiencies of department operations, decreases long-term operational and maintenance costs, and will enhance the quality of water returned to the environment."

The Blue River effluent disinfection improvement project is the last and largest disinfection project underway for the department's six wastewater treatment facilities. Once complete, Water Services will have invested a total of $96 million in effluent disinfection improvements across all six of the City's wastewater treatment plants. The Blue River Wastewater Treatment Plant has served as Kansas City's largest effluent treatment plant since its construction in 1962. On average, the plant manages the flow of 72 million gallons of wastewater daily.

Disinfection is a process that destroys, inactivates or removes micro-organisms, thus making the water useful again. Once the water is disinfected using chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, the water is no longer considered "wastewater." Sodium hypochlorite is a compound that reduces pathogens, provides oxidation, and helps control odor.


Anonymous said...

Groundbreaking is one of the few things that KCMO city government does really well.
Follow-through and results, not so much.
Let's check back in about a year and see how the money's been spent.

Anonymous said...

Slyzilla will not fix the sewers. He wants us to taste his fecal matter in our water so we become genetically modified to do his bidding. He's already done it to Cindy Circo with a cuntaneous injection of his manthrax in her lady parts. He just wants a toy train so he can destroy it with his tail.