Monday, October 01, 2012

Leanna Decker And The TKC Midday Links

Leanna Decker is Playboy's Cyber Babe of record and her body of lingerie work is rather notable and almost as interesting as these Kansas City links . . .


- Cowtown faking charges: Kansas City women are charged with Medicaid fraud

- Local resources: Gas pipeline serving Kansas City sells for $53.5M

- Not really much of a Missouri fight against fringe Conservative: Koster wins NRA endorsement, Martin up with new TV ad

- Traffic Talk In The Golden Ghetto: LaHood to attend panel discussion in Overland Park

- More good news for another local lawyer: Bryan Cave names new managing partner for Kansas City office

- Kansas City street justice: Suspected arrested in fatal I-35 hit-and-run

- Fat Man And Little Boy: Chris Christie: Todd Akin does not have my support

- Show-Me fishy news: Missouri conservation officials release lake sturgeon

- The Onion apologizes for joking that 77 percent of rural white voters would rather vote for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad than President Obama.

- Even more Wildcats: Kansas State University's Enrollment Tops 24,300

- Matt Stewart Talks Matt Cassel

- The Star pretty much destroyed their Crime Scene KC blog which had the largest reader community of all their online bloggy efforts. Now they're trying to rekindle the effort.


NE Dude said...

Ahmadinejad...... Obama......
If your Jewish whats the difference?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why do we have to pay for that piece of shit in KCK to live in prison the rest of his life. Shot them all in the back? One of them 11 times? One of them a three y.o.? Give that worthless piece of crap the needle. Today.