Monday, October 15, 2012

Kim Kardashian And The TKC Midday Links!!!

Kim Kardashian and her booty are on blast for this midday . . . And here are some of the more important Kansas City area links . . .

- Silly reassurances that should scare insiders: Sprint: SoftBank deal a big win for KC

- Local blaze: Kansas City St. Joseph Med Center Evacuated After Fire

- The Season is over: "Seventy nine teams have started 1-5 since the new playoff format started in 1990. None of them have made the playoffs. The 2012 Kansas City Chiefs are not the team that is going to break this streak."

- Suburban traffic news: Proposal to offer drivers relief at jammed Lenexa interchange

- Already giving up: Chiefs: Which QB Should KC Draft Next Year?

- Seriously . . . Watch out: Drivers: Beware of Deer

- Show-Me Election Health: Health Insurance & Cigarette Tax On Missouri Ballot

- Stadium decision: Arrowhead Stadium renovation ruling releases three KC-area companies

- Meth Town Cooking Decision: Independence looks at lidding home-based caterers

- Kansas City Jazz Celebration: This week on 12th Street Jump we celebrate the birthday of Thelonious Monk with our special guest Dave Chael.


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