Friday, August 03, 2012


Jodie Marsh embodies the Olympic spirit . . . Similarly, these Kansas City POWER PLAYERS stay winning this week.


1. Sarah Steelman And Sarah Palin - A Kansas City Double Team featuring GOP women was a strong move that realizes most people don't know why they vote any particular way.

2. Mayor Sly James - The bully Mayor is about to get his way at the expense of Kansas City taxpayers.

3. Council Dude Russ Johnson - Kansas City's Next Mayor From The Northland.

4. Jackson County Legislator Theresa Garza Ruiz - She's asserting herself as a power broker quite nicely.

5. Council Dude Scott Taylor - Because we thought we were gonna make fun of this guy a lot more . . .


DeAnn Smith - Her stories @ KCTV5 have all of the horrible detail that other media outlets won't put on blast. While DeAnn is adorable . . . Sometimes journalism isn't pretty.

Greg Hall - He's doing great work on his blog that is a MUST READ for truly informed Kansas City sports fans.

Ivan Foley - The Top Newsman in The Northland.

John Landsberg - Kansas City's Gold Standard in local media news.

Tess K. - Still one of the most talented storytellers in all of KC.


The Kansas City Streetcar Named Disaster - Maybe one of the worst ideas local politicos have every offered us . . . And they're ramming it through in a horrible fashion.

The Downtwn Taxpayer Funded Hotel - Tax breaks are one thing . . . The idea that KC is going into the hotel biz can only turn out horribly.

Eminent Domain on The Eastside - TKC BREAKING NEWS . . . They're foreclosing on people's homes in order to build a new police station. That's not the best way to build community cooperation.

Using TKC As Source Material For Your Propaganda - I've already heard about but haven't yet seen the VERY CONTROVERSIAL ANTI-JERMAINE REED flyer from Eggs & Enlightenment quoting TKC . . . It sounds silly and I'm not even sure if I'm quoted accurately. For the record, I think Jermaine is an okay guy and could one day have a great future in politics . . . He's already leaps and bounds ahead of most guys his age. Eastside or otherwise . . . Unless specifically stated . . . I'm not your damn campaign writer unless there are snack cake coupons sent to my e-mail account. Natch.

Bow Ties - Get it straight . . . The Pee-Wee Herman Look Does Not Play In Kansas City. End of discussion.

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


Anonymous said...

nice wheels.

Anonymous said...

I agree nice wheels.

Less politics and more Jodie.

We know she won't fuck any of us but, can't say the same about the local politicos.

Anonymous said...


While I do agree that TKC content should not be taken and abused the inevitable conclusion is that TKC is being quoted because more "real people" believe in TKC than the City C(l)ou(w)ncil.

TKC is now the most trustworthy person in KC politics.

That is a heavy magic carpet to fly.

J. W. Helkenberg

Anonymous said...

This city government rams everything through without thinking about what they are doing......they just better hope they don't have a medical emergency!! that might get them in the paper but on a different page than they are used too, with shit like condolences, which for this city government I doubt there would be that many that would waste a second of their time writing one!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bow ties are stupid.

Anonymous said...

Please- do not scare me with any more photos of Jodi Marsh.

Anonymous said...

How can Russ Johnson be Mayor when he can't even show up to his own Council Committee meetings?

Anonymous said...

Sarah Steelman isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. Heard her speak and thought how in God's name did she get anywhere. Gives women candidates a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Russ Johnson will be Mayor when Tony Botello gets laid.

Anonymous said...

Tell Russ to get ready. Mike Talboy was over there giving T a handy this week.

Anonymous said...

The Royal's will be favored to win the World Series before Russ J. becomes Mayor.

In the 3rd that idiot Melba is who needs to go not Reed. He's unseasoned but not disinterested like Grandma Curls.

Anonymous said...

Both Reed and Curls need to go. Thank God for term limits. Now if we could just prevent them from coming back, a la Glover, Ford and Sharp.

Johnson has no desire to be mayor. Whoever is feeding this story has no clue.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Johnson is just happy porking a now former city employee a the TIF Commission.

Anonymous said...

John Rizzo works at the TIF Commission?