Saturday, August 04, 2012


TKC NOTE: Thanks to a RATHER AWESOME TKC TIPSTER for sharing this message full of big promises and misleading statements from our favorite Kansas City Council Lady. 

Check it:

From Kansas Citians For Circo

Dear Sucker,

I need your help!

On the ballot for Tuesday, August 7, are two questions that Kansas City must say yes to. We have a chance to improve our parks, streets, and sewers while reforming taxes.

Here is what you need to know.

Question 1
Reforms the tax code by discontinuing three different property taxes and the vehicle fee paid only by those who live in Kansas City. That revenue is replaced by a ½-cent sales tax - paid by everyone including visitors and those who work here but don't live here. This replacement and the resulting broadening of the tax base is expected to raise additional revenue for the purpose of providing for the maintenance and operation of parks, parkways, boulevards, and street maintenance. The average Kansas Citian will pay only $1.50 more a month to drastically improve our basic services.

Question 1 simplifies the tax code, expands the tax base, and creates a dedicated streets fund for the first time in our history.

Question 2
Authorizes Kansas City to issue revenue bonds to begin upgrading our antiquated combined sewer system, which currently allows sewage to mix with storm water run-off, polluting streams and rivers, and creating health hazards in the city; and to extend sanitary sewers where needed.

Question 2 takes advantage of historically low interest rates to finance these federally mandated sewer upgrades without increasing taxes.

Those are the questions on the August 7 ballot. My question for you is will you join me in working to make Kansas City best by voting YES on 1 & 2?

These two proposals will make Kansas City more attractive for residents and businesses while creating more than 20,000 new jobs in the next five years.

You can learn more about these proposals at

Please join me on August 7 and vote Yes.

Let's make Kansas City BEST!



VOTE YES On #1 and #2 ...........Tuesday, August 7th


Anonymous said...

Certainly with all her experience doing nails she is qualified to dictate the city's finances.

Anonymous said...

She will be your next Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Just another Circo Jerk and Cindy is the pivot girl.

Anonymous said...

Has Cindy ever known a tax she didn't like. Cindy Miss Nail tech 85 tax increases won't help your chances to be Mayor.

Anonymous said...

This is the same lady that engineered the unreasonably high pay increases (average 15 to 16%)for her (then) husband's fire union. Yeah, like I'm going to trust her with any MORE of my tax money. I don't think so!!!

Anonymous said...

The car tax is going away anyway, so there is no reason to vote for Question 1 to get something we'll be getting anyway.

Can you spell "dishonest," Cindy?

Anonymous said...

"Let's make Kansas City BEST"?? What the hell does that mean?

Seriously? said...

If your child repeatedly squandered money on frills and gave it away to their rich friends, and then came to you asking for money to buy necessities, would you repeatedly give into them? Then why would you treat "political leaders" any differently? That's called being an enabler.

The Mayor and City Council need some Tough Love. Show us you can use our money responsibly and then we'll think about giving you more.

Waldo guy said...

Vote no on Question 1! No end date plus no services for the whole city

Anonymous said...

So its only going to cost the average KCMO resident $1.50 per month, $18 per year? Then the tax will only add about 8 million in revenue minus the 20% syphoned off for TIF. Where is the other 12 mil coming from? New election, same old lies.