Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mitt Doesn't Like Akin Either

Todd Akin has everybody running for cover . . . Even the GOP Prez Candidate.

Just a quick compilation:

Romney says Akin should exit Missouri Senate race

Romney joins Mo. GOP leaders in asking Akin to exit

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is calling on Republican Todd Akin to abandon his Senate bid in Missouri following the congressman's comments about rape.


Anonymous said...

Todd doesn't have anyone running for cover. There's just a bunch of chicken shit politicians, who wouldn't know loyalty if it bit em!!!

Anonymous said...

Mitt needs to mind his own business.

Anonymous said...

Romney and the rest of the gang are nothing more than Aiken in more expensive suits. And whatever laws are passed to govern the rest of us, folks like Mitt will never have to worry about having to abide by them or having goons with bad manners and bizarre points of view over for dinner at his house.
Just unleash the whack jobs head for your summer house to watch from the sidelines as they ruin the country.
Looks like some of the barbarians are getting around the walls!

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Romney.

I would vote for Akin (if I lived in Mo.)