Friday, May 04, 2012

Kansas City Blogger Reviews!!!

While the only thing that excites TKC is watching Jordan Carver eat sausage . . . These Kansas City bloggers are much more optimistic and here are a few nice endorsements and assessments:

- I thought The Perfect Bite:KC was throwing an insult my way but instead she had a KICK-ASS REVIEW OF "LOCAL PIG" WHICH IS THE NEW HOTNESS AMONG LOCAL BUTCHER SHOPS!!!

- A GREAT guest post from May's Machete offers us a great look at Bread For All Bakery & Cafe

- Finally, check a RATHER AWESOME MOVIE REVIEW AND KICK-ASS COLLECTION GIF ANIMATIONS from one of my favorite Kansas City bloggers . . . At The Movies with the Geek: The Avengers

Enjoy the recommendations from bloggers that seem heartfelt and much more passionate than anything provided by the Dead Tree Media.