Friday, May 04, 2012

Joel Nichols & Kansas City Weekend Links

Joel Nichols is the only weather newsie in Kansas City who doesn't scare me . . . So even though it's much too steamy in this town right now, this list of weekend links is dedicated to his friendly brand of AWESOME.

Now check a few posts full of Kansas City Cinco De Mayo Weekend Activities starting THIS FIRST FRIDAY . . .

A comprehensive guide from Mary Anne . . . Kansas City Weekend Events Guide

Take a look @ The "Supermoon" This Weekend . . . Sadly, I just learned that is NOT when a fat chick moons you.

More from Mary Anne . . . Cinco de Mayo Events Kansas City 2012

KSHB gets in on the act as well: Cinco de Mayo events right here in KC

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...well thanks for the nightmare material with that picture. Jesus.