Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today, old school Internet listing take center stage in the ongoing battle between the Kansas City Area Catholic Hierarchy and the SNAP abuse survivor's network.

Here's a screenshot of the offending website and inspiration for a recent presser directed at KC Area Catholic Leadership . . .

Read The presser and judge for yourself:

Predator priest still on bikers’ website

He’s listed as a “contact person” with his email

Site has photos of him with young children

Sex abuse victims urge bishop & group to remove him

They also beg Jackson County prosecutor to file new charges

A priest who was arrested two months ago on child porn charges is still listed on a website as the Kansas City coordinator for a non-profit called Bikers for Life.

The site has photos of Fr. Shawn Ratigan . . . and a large color photo of Ratigan with a group of young boys and girls.

It also has links to dozens of Catholic institutions across the US.

A support group for clergy sex abuse victims is urging Kansas City’s Catholic bishop and the national Bikers for Life organization to remove Ratigan’s name and contact info

“Catholic officials should be doing everything possible to make it harder, not easier, for unsuspecting families to contact this criminal priest,” said Barbara Dorris of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. “Who knows how many other websites out there still have Fr. Ratigan’s name and email address on them?”

“KC’s bishop and his public relations team are working overtime to try and convince folks they’re suddenly being diligent about children’s safety,” said David Clohessy, SNAP’s director. “But letting a priest facing criminal charges keep his name and e mail out there on the web doesn’t seem very vigilant.”

SNAP is also urging Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters-Baker to file new charges against Ratigan, based on photos of kids found on a computer he used a few months ago in Independence.

The existence of the photos was confirmed by police and the Kansas City Star yesterday.

“Predator priests often get top notch defense lawyers, exploit legal technicalities and go free or get very light sentences,” Dorris said. “So it’s important to get Fr. Ratigan criminally charged in more than one place for as many crimes as possible.”

SNAP has written prosecutors in three Missouri counties – Clay, Buchanan and Jackson – urging thorough grand jury investigations into both the crimes of pedophile priests and the cover ups by top Catholic officials.

Ratigan is still a priest, SNAP points out, so he is sworn to obey Finn.

“Fr. Ratigan would have to comply with an order from Finn to remove himself from that website, or else face penalties, including loss of his paycheck,” said Dorris.

SNAP was alerted to the site by one of Fr. Ratigan’s former parishioners in Kansas City.

SNAP, is the world’s oldest and largest self help group for victims of clergy sexual abuse with support groups in over 60 US cities and six countries.


Fat Boy said...


PatO said...

Once again, great article, TKC.

You have to start thinking that the Catholic church is just laughing at their congregation, saying, "let's see if we can get away with this" every time something like this happens.

Catholic meetings must sound like this:

1) we'll rape their children and see if we can get away with it
2) we'll move the pedophiles somewhere else and see if we can get away with it
3) we'll cover it up and see if we can get away with it
4) we'll lie about it and see if we can get away with it
5) we'll ignore the victims and see if we can get away with it
6) we'll ignore memos from school principals about pedophiles see if we can get away with it

and the list goes on and on, yet the Catholic sheep that still remain still let them get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Jean won't prosecute the Catholic church. She needs to be reelected.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. Finn's sorry he let Ratigan stay around kids. He regrets hiding evidence from police for five months. He's gonna try to do better.

But not a single person on Finn's staff bothers to do a simple google search, wondering "Hey, I'm curious if Fr. Shawn is out there elsewhere on the Internet trying to build his following and get his name and contact info out among unsuspecting families. . . "


Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, 636-433-2511
"Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests"

Kay4Jstice said...

It's so icnredible it would be funny if it were not so tragic. The well-being of the children is what is at stake here and we should NEVER forget that. I do not understand why Catholics keep their kids in those schools. I live in Kansas, but will contact the DA in Jackson County because that is where my own rape by a priest occurred way back in 1952, diocese of KC MO.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, this is a stretch.

SNAP didn't know about this Web site until they were tipped off. You think there just might be a chance that Bishop Finn didn't know about it either?

And what is he supposed to do about it? Yeah, he can order Ratigan to remove himself from the Web site, but I think Ratigan is kind of indisposed at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Finn should start with defrocking Ratigan as soon as the verdict comes in. Maybe now would be a good start.

fr. ratigan said...

I only feel truly free when I'm on my Harley Fat Boy.
Well, that and also when I taking pictures of little boys' pee-pees.

Anonymous said...

“Fr. Ratigan would have to comply with an order from Finn to remove himself from that website, or else face penalties, including loss of his paycheck,” said Dorris.

Yeah, give him internet access again. That ought to turn out well.

Anonymous said...

End the Catholic tax deduction and see how long they last.

Anonymous said...

Glad to report that his Facebook page was removed after a former school parent requested it. He's a nasty man.

Justice said...

Give me a Grand Jury!

Where is the US Attorney?

Bring RICO charges.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, give him internet access again. That ought to turn out well."

Yep. And SNAP's next press release is: "Ratigan still has access to the Internet. This proves Bishop Finn is lying."

MDLQ said...

Nail RATigan to a cross, stick a crown of thorns on his head, and plant him in front of the Nelson.....
then JAB a spear in his side.
Watch all the "cath-O-lics moan and raise their hands........
SNAP is the best thing going!

Anonymous said...

too bad Finn will not admit his accessorie to criminal behavior and that he truly must support and approve of rapists.
I will think twice about letting my kids play with other catholic kids or be alone with their parents, and I will also reconsider hiring any catholics if they voluntarilly admit that they belong to that cult. Anyone who listen, admires, and especially suupports rapists and their safe haven: the catholic religion....must be in line and agree with this sick culture