Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Continued: Kansas City Councilman Bill Skaggs vs. Nasty Robin Carnahan Tracker!!!

So, this morning (with a time stamp) The Star just confirmed that TKC broke this story of a ruckus involving a video tracker and the Robin Carnahan campaign last night. They promise more soon and that'll probably be the video which should go on Youtube the other side really wants to make splash.


But let's review and re-blog the relevant portion of last night's post:

The incident involves a run-in with Robin Carnahan, a pushy Internet Camera dude and Mayor Pro-Tem Bill Skaggs.

"Nobody likes a bully. One of Jeff Roe's trackers was putting this camera in Robin Carnahan's face and seemed to be very confrontational. When he turned the camera my way, I just told him to get out of my face."

The direct quote is something to the effect of "Get that shit out of my face" and in this mass media era that's probably a sentiment that most people respect or even admire.

Regarding the language, Skaggs replies, "I do regret cussing. Vulgarity isn't usually part of my language but seeing this tracker behave in such a manner and acting like a bully just didn't sit right with me."

The confrontation continued with Skaggs and some other gentleman using the same tactic to shield Carnahan that is often used to deflect the protests of The Phelps Clan. Apparently, Skaggs and some of his colleagues grabbed campaign signs and blocked the view of the camera clearing a way for Carnahan.

"We wanted to make sure she could pass without being intimidated," Skaggs said.

I don't know that Roe & Crew can convince the public to take the side of a political paparazzi but I'm anxious to see the footage of Council Dude Skaggs pretty much embodying public sentiment and telling the tracker where to go.


Shame on Sanders said...

Real Democrats have to ask why Mike Sanders does so much business with Jeff Roe.

Anonymous said...

damn straight.

Anonymous said...

Scaggs is a UAW puss.

Collins said...

Skaggs hasn't been a member of the UAW for 20 years, anonymous.