Thursday, May 27, 2010


Crime Scene KC has done an AWESOME JOB in reporting on Driver's License Checkpoints the by the KCPD. Star blogger James Hart reports that there will be another checkpoint at an undisclosed location today.

Now, KCPD is adamant in noting that the location of these checkpoints are decided by the "occurrence of Driver License/DUI related crashes or arrests."

Meanwhile . . .


There is a perception that these checkpoints and subsequent arrests are disproportionately affecting the African-American Community in Kansas City.

As a member of the Police Board the inquiry was made to the Mayor Funky and, yet again, he fumbled the response. AWESOME TKC READERS quote the Mayor as saying:

"You people need to get your best and brightest to the Police Board Meetings and complain and do your best to encourage more participation and employment with the KCPD."

After the inevitable eye rolling over Mayor Funky's lame "you people" comment . . . The group that included Council Candidate Michael Fletcher explained to the Mayor that their complaints to him as a member of the Police Board were part of this process.

The question remains. Do these Driver's License Checkpoints unfairly target poor and minority communities?

So far there have been stops on Independence Avenue in Old Northeast, and another on Prospect at 57th.


There's a similar arguement with DUI stops from Westport folks who are often clamped down on the weekends whereas the P&L District drunk driving checkpoints or arrests have been nearly unheard of . . . There's a possibility that maybe the methodology that the KCPD uses in determining enforcement might need to be tweaked in order to assure equal treatment and protection for all Kansas City drivers.


Expect complaints about these checkpoints to grow as they continue and there has also been rumbling from privacy advocates that speak to concerns regarding increased surveillance. Strangely, criticism on this topic comes from more than one diverse local community but, as usual, African-American politicos are leading the way.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

This town is full of complainers.

Westport, wingnuts and politicians. Oh my.

Anonymous said...

gawd but you're an ultramaroon!

"....checkpoints are decided by the "occurrence of Driver License/DUI related crashes or arrests"


ipso facto, the number Driver License/DUI related crashes or arrests are too statisticly insignificant north of the river, on Ward Parkway or in Waldo/Brookside for licesne checks to be a.) an effective deterrent, or b.) revenue enhancing for the city, c.) likely to catch (m)any scofflaws or d.) do anything but watse officers' time.

Yes, there probably are 1 or 2 "dirty" drivers in those areas.

As opposed to the couple hundred "dirty" drivers, outstanding warrants, etc etc etc the first 2 Driver's License Checkpoints snared.

Complain all you want but the numbers contradict your racism, Tony.

Eagle said...

I applaud Tony for including a quote from the police.

But it stands to reason, if there were more DUI stops at the P&L District there would be more occurrences.

It's kind of a chicken and the egg thing.

I don't expect the average dimwit who reads this blog to understand.

Good reporting T.

Anonymous said...

"Without question" (there are plenty of dirty white people too)?

Is that just another claim for awesome TKC readers to decide?

Maybe you should ask more questions tony!

IF KCK arrested every illegal who doesn't have a drivers license,'d say it was racial profiling unless they also check the kids going into Dave and Busters?

(Except I bet every one of those kids has a social security card!)

Jed P. said...


Answer: Saturday, May 10, 2010 at 7712 Wornall Rd.

everybody hates gloria squitiro that includes "You People" said...

There are checkpoints in Waldo. 79th and Wornall, Shawnee Mission Parkway at Ward Parkway (by the Carriage Club). Ah hell, do you really believe Michael Fletcher?

Anonymous said...

Police State 2010

Anonymous said...

When here are more crimes in a specific neighborhood, police can get more (better, desirable) results by targeting that neighborhood.

There have been enough checkpoints now that we can all see which areas of the city have more drivers that are revoked/suspended/unlicensed, or DUI.

So that's where the police need to be. Inner city always complains they don't get enough attention from the police. Well, here ya go.

Driving is a priv, not a right.

Anonymous said...

Put checkpoints on every corner and have monthly police checks of all homes for other illegalities. That is how we stay safe. Or we could just offer substantial rewards, or better standing in the local political party, to anonymous neighbors that point out the illegal doings of residents. Hello! Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?!?

Anonymous said...

Which African American leaders met to complain about this? When and where was the meeting? Did they issue a statement? What are their specific complaints?

This "clean coal" media reporting is worse than the "dead tree" media.

Radioman KC said...

Just leave the phrase shorter, "Inner city always complains."

And of groups come in wearing armbands talking as if they represent a racial constituency, it should be okay to say "you people".

or has 'people' been added to the growing list of things you can't call any of our species who isn't a white male?

Anonymous said...

Between the Broadway Bridge, 64th Street and even I-29, there have been checkpoints almost every week North of the river. KCMO doesn't have to do it because Platte County is prolific with these check points.
Zona Rosa patrons don't encounter the same blinders as P&L patrons do.

Anonymous said...

A checkpoint is being done in each patrol division. If you pay attention to the locations and observe the patrol division boundaries you will see the connection. I expect the northland checkpoints to begin this evening.

But on a side note, why is the AA community up in arms over the police enforcing the laws? Should they just wait in the station until another shooting comes out to show up and cart off the dead body? I think the AA community would be hot about that too. And don't give me the, "Go look for real criminals," BS. FYI, "real criminals" drive too.

Anonymous said... not only are painful to read, you are also an idiot. If you disproportionately stop people of color, guess what, people of color are disproportionately represented.

Anonymous said...

White power.

Radioman KC said...

What's your point, 11::07? If a woman says she's raped and the cops get a sperm sample, are you saying the government should check women's DNA in their database to keep it fair? Is it sexist for the media to say 'police are lookin for a man...." because that disproportionately leaves out half the population?

What the hell are you talking about? I wrote a post in here because T infers it's somehow racist for his favorite mayor to say "you people." Maybe you should stick your OWN finger and test for idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Tony, you are an idiot. Its always about white people bringing everyone else down. Way to be a racist. you are the definition of reverse discrimination.

Also, cut KCPD some slack. no matter what they do, the African American community complains. KCPD could come out and say " today, we will only arrest white people" and some in the African American community would STILL find a way to say they are being racist towards blacks.

Get over the color of skin and focus on the real issue. People driving drunk and driving illegally.

Anonymous said...

This is just another way for the poor folks of KC to keep paying all the bills in KC. Revenue generation in this city is getting completely out of hand. How much more of this theft will we continue to put up with? There is no crime if there is no victim.

Anonymous said...

Taxing the poor through police traps. Now I agree with that in general. And would suggest government can say they care about the poor, but that's who's getting nailed in cigarette and beer/liquor taxes.

Talk about unfair taxation! Let em tax TEA rather than beer!

Anonymous said...

KCPD Sucks

Anonymous said...

This is why you VOTE NO for renewing the public safety sales tax.

Anonymous said...

We VOTE no, they will just ramp up the police state to steal more money from us. Simple as that. I'll still be voting no though..

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to be in such a hurry to scream 'racism' these days.

So, the customer asked, "In what aisle could I find the Polish sausage?"

The clerk looks at him and says, "Are you Polish?" The guy (clearly offended) says, "Well, yes I am. But let me ask you something. If I had asked for Italian sausage, would you ask me if I was Italian? Or if I had asked for German Bratwurst, would you ask me if I was German? If I asked for a kosher hot dog, would you ask me if I was Jewish? Or if I had asked for a Taco, would you ask if I was Mexican?' If I asked for some Irish whiskey, would you ask if I was Irish?"

The clerk says, "Well, no, I probably wouldn't!" With deep self righteous indignation, the guy says, "Well then, why did you ask me if I'm Polish because I asked for Polish Sausage?"

The clerk replied, "Because you're in a Home Depot."

Anonymous said...

So this story is about African American community leaders who DON'T want the KCPD to arrest lawbreakers in their neighborhoods...

That doesn't sound right.

Why wouldn't they want the police to do this...Their angle on this makes no sense at all.

Maybe the KCPD ought to check them out first. Probably none of them has a license to drive and half probably have warrants out on them.

That community is so silly.

They want to stop murders in the neighborhoods, but never offer any help to the police.

And now you got them not wanting to help with this.

I guess crime does pay, it pays your preachers and activists to run interference for your criminal activity.

No wonder that part of town is always in such a hot mess. Money trumps the law. It also trumps religion I guess. At least over there with THOSE PEOPLE.

Can we build a border fence to keep them in.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"that part of town" "Those people" ??????? You must be a kcpd cop.

Radioman KC said...

Good GAWD, 1:46. You didn't read these comments? Black leaders don't want the cops doing these ticket traps in the hood.

Why? Because while they're DISGUISED as crime prevention, they're actually TAX COLLECTION STANDS! And every ticket probably collects more than a hundred dollars. Which is a lot of money on black household income.

Make more sense now?

Anonymous said...

Good call radioman......KCPD is a poor excuse for a Police Department.
The chief could care less about crime.

Anonymous said...

KCPD is not about "To Serve and Protect", they are "To Intimidate and Collect"

End of story, period.

They could give a crap less about solving actual violent crimes where there is a victim because that does NOT add revenue to their pocketbooks.

Wait till they mic up the city with their ShotSpotter program, see if the urban core likes being listened to as well as collected from.

Anonymous said...

The best way to send kcpd a message is to is vote no on the renewal of the 1/4 cent sales tax. Make the cops in headquarters get off their butts and start working.

Anonymous said...

classy way to shit on police when they are having a memorial for those who died in service protecting the city we all call home. You wouldn't do that to people protecting our country but hey, its ok to do it to people protecting our cities. even though they are one in the same. classy people....very classy.

Anonymous said...

Its memorial weekend. Everybody's got people in the ground to remember. Much as cops want us to believe it, they're not special. Too many of them are bully butches who miss their days in Iraq.

I bet you didn't know that more people in public works die in the line of duty than police and firemen. Did ya?

I bet more people die by police bullets at the hands of impatient cops than cops die in the line of duty. And who investigates cop shootings? Other cops, of course.

That's a little like the oil companies writing legislation on oil rig safety, isn't it?

Bad cops have caused the reputation good cops have to live with. That's what the code of silence brings ya.

Orphan of the Road said...

Perhaps they should have them in the neighborhoods where the offenders live?

I know alot of WonderBread white boys who live north (or KS) who got nabbed in Westport or Northeast.

There is a legitimate bitch about P&L being excluded.

KCPD has no obligation to serve and protect. They are officers of the court and are there to collect revenue.

Anonymous said...

10:52 is correct. There is going to be a checkpoint in each of the six patrol divisions. Watch the next few weeks. This is about geography, not race. So, so, so friggin sick of everything being about race.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the people arrested in the checkpoint last week off Independence Ave. were white and Hispanic, BTW. But that doesn't fit will into the blacktivists' propaganda.

Anonymous said...

One of the checkpoints was at Truman & S 71. That's an exit feeder for P&L.

Radioman KC said...

Where do white people who go to P&L live and drive down the Black 71 Boulevard from the city? South town, south of 83rd like Red Bridge .. or JOCO over west off 435?

Just don't break the speed limit or run the lights on Black Boulevard and you'll get out of KCMO without a ticket.

Anonymous said...

maybe same reason Regulated Industries does not treat P&L the same as the rest of the clubs/bars in the city.

Anonymous said...

KCPD is a eye sore.... have you seen how FAT the cops are? Some of them have trouble getting out of their cars.

Anonymous said...

why do people rob banks? cause that's where the money is. why hold license checkpoints east of troost? cause that's where the law breakers are.

really simple.

Anonymous said...

shut the fuck up radio asshat! go away to your own blog! Sheeeesh!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tony Botello (AKA Tony's KC)
Home Address:

1627 Jefferson St
Kansas City, MO 64108

Anonymous said...


paper please!

Anonymous said...

Hey, dickhead: Don't you just hate it when white people come onto your blog and bitch-slap you with cogent arguments, precise analysis and razor wit? Jeebus, it must be tough trundling through life with an IQ that barely tops your body temperature, TKC.

Byron said...

Freud asked, "What do women want"? Answer: they want to be treated with respect. It was a pretty controversial answer at the time. The African-Americans want to be treated with respect, so do the Latinos, so does everyone who isn't a white male. Considering our history that's not hard too understand. If they seem a little "touchy" about it, that's not hard to understand either. Each of these groups understood, eventually, that the white male isn't just going to give it to them. They have to demand it. Everything that women & minorities have achieved, they have had to fight for. The Mayor, & the police, should be sensitive to this. Everyone, even white males, should be able to understand this. Its not that hard to see.

Anonymous said...

No, they don't want your respect, Byron. They want your money. After they win it in court, they're happy for you to go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

Tony lives on Summit up the street from the Don Pepe's.

Let's get him.

Anonymous said...

Radiodipstick- for someone who rails about cogent arguments and IQ, you have failed miserably.
To wit: "If a woman says she's raped and the cops get a sperm sample, are you saying the government should check women's DNA in their database to keep it fair?"
DUH, No they shouldn't.Women do not produce sperm.

Anonymous said...

Will there ever be a day when you consider us all Americans and not by our skin color - you biggot

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:01- that day is here. All we ask is that American= citizen. Skin color or ethnicity is irrelevant and is simply being used to mask various agendas- on both right and left. On the right it panders to the "Love or leave it" portion of its base. On the left it serves as attempt to cower opposition by labeling them racists and hopes to attract the ever-growing Hispanic vote.
What most of us, of all skin colors who want immigration enforcement, are demanding is EQUAL TREATMENT UNDER THE LAW. See Amendments 14 and 15. Call it what it is: illegal immigration supporters advocate breaking the law because the vast majority of the law-breakers are of a certain race/ethnicity. Now, who are the racists?

Radioman KC said...

10:53, congrats. you GOT it! Don't call me a dipstick... laughing outloud.

and to 11:05, NO. There should not be a time where we just count noses and declare you all Americans. If you want to sit in the stands, show us a prepaid ticket stub.

Otherwise, be escorted to the front entrance and get in line, where they take cash, Visa, or Mastercard! Buy a fucquing ticket!

Explain why that's not the right thing to do with squatters, please!

Anonymous said...


I am not for illegal immigration. I agree with what you said about buying a ticket.

I just get tired of hearing African-American this, Hispanic American that.... I don't run around saying that I'm being discriminated against because I'm slovian-American. If I get stopped by a DL check point, I don't cry that there is a disparity against slovian-americans. I'm tired of the left wing nut jobs using the color of ppls skin to push an agenda. Tony is the biggest moron that uses color of skin to divide the races.

If you thought I was saying that everyone in this country should be consider Americans, you are so far off base, you're not even in the same ballpark. Illegal immigrants have invaded this country and destroying the middle class that is being made to care for every aspect of their lives. I believe MO should pass the same law as Arizona. I'm just tired of Tony and others using race and color to create issues that aren't there.

Anonymous said...

Geez, Radioman, please just stfu. Please.

Paul said...

Racist terms used by Tony and on this page as he writes...RECENTLY, THERE WAS A MEETING IN WHICH A GROUP OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN, but then he resorts to racism against European Americans as he writes...WITHOUT QUESTION THERE ARE A GREAT MANY KANSAS CITY WHITE PEOPLE IN "NICE" NEIGHBORHOODS "RIDIN' DIRTY" AS WELL!!! The word color term Black is not good enough for one group. But the color term is just fine for another group that he feels does not deserve the same respect. Racism Tony style!!!! WE ARE EUROPEAN AMERICANS, RACIST TONY!

IzRealsoul said...

It is no surprise. The check points are designed to keep the poor in their place. Restricted to the east patrol area. The problem is the guns. And the police force is being utilized to protect the rich while the poor neighborhoods suffer. If we all pay taxes that go to paying for rhis broken system.then we should all get eqaul protection.