Saturday, April 10, 2010


I pulled this classic photo of Heidi Klum and Evander Holyfield because it speaks to how this week went down.

There were all kinds of power plays in Kansas City this week . . . Here are the winners:


1. Airick L. West - Few people voted during this week's election but among those who did the influence of Kansas City, Missouri School Board member Mr. West was clear.

2. Crispin Rea - The Latino Community has waited 10 years for a candidate like Crispin to make it to the forefront of local education issues.

3. Jan Marcason - Kansas City now has 25 more years to ignore water infrastructure problems thanks to Sewer Jan.

4. Kit Bond - The namesake bridge is pretty much the best thing this town has going right now.

5. Craig Bland - President of The Freedom Inc. Board, picked a winning ticket to support that was not only integral in School Board Change but also a part of a slap in the face to Ajamu Webster, Linwood Tauheed and Mayor Funky.


1. Russ Ptacek - This news dude is chasing important stories and taking time to work and help the community.

2. Michael Bushnell - The Northeast News dude caused quite a stir by coming out against Congressman Cleaver and Obamacare.

3. Ivan Foley - He's doing good work out North.

4. Charles Ferruzza - I found out he has his own "effect" and the "Ferruzza Buble" is something that most local restaurateurs fear.

5. Erin Little - Did she pop yet? Her pregnancy is still getting a ridiculous amount of press considering how much space her stomach is taking up during the weather.


1. Bill Nigro - The Westport Impresario is trying to stop The Great Recession in Kansas City's Entertainment Industry all by himself.

2. Bill George - The advertising strategy of The K.C. Strip is his brainchild.

3. Thomas Hoenig - The Kansas City Fed President is making a bigger, more powerful name for himself by challenging mainstream financial wisdom or lack thereof.

4. Frank Perez - A Latino Power Play defending suspended Water Services Director Bernardo Garcia was surprisingly successful.

5. STRETCH - It seems that he has made a career out of confounding me with his popularity.

This list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to powerful local people, their moves and their relative worth as humans.


Anonymous said...

u no makie

Anonymous said...

Frank Perez?? Just because he bitched about Bernardo getting (rightfully) suspended, how does he qualify? If you had a whining list, maybe.

Anonymous said...

How did you choose Jan instead of Beth?

Anonymous said...

Beth is wonderous.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Does Beth even still live in this city?

Anonymous said...

wow no mention of Joesph Action Jackson????

Anonymous said...

Don't mock Beth.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Leave Garcia alone. The man walked into a department full of city hall cast offs. He has to make waves to get the politically protected to do their jobs.

Q. How do you get rid of an ineffectual city hall employee?
A. Send them to Siberia aka Water or Aviation!

inafunkaboutthefunk said...

The pride of the New Reform Temple, Beth Gottstein is currently distracted by her new man. This isn't to say that her torah tutor is a Jew just that she is focusing on getting her fill of man meat. Who knows why she even wants to be a Council Titan? Oh well, when the choices on the Clowncil make Big Den Hermann a front runner in the Mayor's Race, one just has to shake one's head looking at all of the Clowncil and the damage they have wreaked upon us.

In an interesting side note, the Talking Heads on Ruckus noted that in 2005 til now, the Johnson County Legislature created a rainy day fund, froze salaries and have otherwise steered JOCO through the worst of the recession. Compare this to our bankrupt City where there is no rainy day fund, money for street repair and maintenance has been continually stripped, we live in a City that Doesn't Work and Is Not Safe, with employees who get an unending series of raises up to and including our Feckless and Just Plain Stupid Mayor who went out of his way two years ago to take his raise and justify the same by telling us that he worked for Kansas City even as he was putting his personal new business office in Johnson County.

Maybe we can elect the Johnson County Legislature to run Kansas City? Anything has got to be better than the riff raff Clowncil who have manuevered us to the brink of insolvency.

Anonymous said...

I still think Chris Moreno is one of the most powerful people in KC politics.

Anonymous said...

inafunk -- don't write things if you can't be nice.

Darron said...

Great meeting you this weekend! Darron!